Missing one copy for mystic tier after buying all Hoodoo Doll flash sales today


I bought all Hoodoo Doll flash sale today but I could not upgrade the pet to mystic tier without one more copy?

Could it be a bug or intended, thanks!

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Did you have one copy beforehand?
Buying all flash offers gives you 30 and that would make it possible to upgrade already existing copy.

This is an old Halloween pet so it likely was the intention that people would buy copies they didn’t get when Hoodoo Doll was available previously.

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No, I’m 6 months new to the game :frowning:

I did the same thing with the Tailchaser pet a while back. Bought the offers and was 1 short.

Luckily there was a pet rescue a short while later so I got it to mythic. Never crossed my mind that it might not be intended. Good call!

Send a proper ticket, they might give you another offer to buy. I hope they give you 1 for free.


Hey @oOcOnFuSeD

If you haven’t already, can you please send through a Support ticket and we can look into this further for you.


Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

From my years with this game it’s “working as intended.”
Just wait for it to show up in a weekend rescue like everybody else.

What?! Support tickets are worked on?
I have an open one with last answer from april 29, 2021… that didn’t resolve the bug I’m still encountering daily.

Is your ticket will earn them money? No? You fall on the queue. :rofl: :peace_symbol:

Exactly. :wink: