Curious about representation of LGBT players

Hey all! I’m a pansexual trans woman, and I’m curious to see how many others who play are part of the LGBT group.

Thanks! Amber

  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Bisexual
  • Transgender
  • Asexual
  • Queer
  • Genderfluid
  • Pansexual
  • Demisexual
  • Non-binary
  • Intersex
  • Other Not Listed

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I don’t think that this is a wise topic to start. Given that it can oftentimes lead to division and also bears no relevance to the game that we all know and love.

Sexuality is cool and all that jazz. However, there are forums elsewhere where that can be discussed, where the purpose of said forums is discussing sexuality and sex etcetera.

Please also bear in mind that there are minors and those who are easily impressionable that play this game and probably visit the forums too.

-Warm and fuzzy wishes from this Hobbit! :slight_smile:


I don’t think it hurts anything, hopefully young people would just avoid this topic. I am a cat lover, and I would love to know how many other Gems of War folks are cat lovers, so I can understand the desire to connect, or at least get a sense of others that share individual interests. :smiley_cat:


I’m not asking for have you done it or what’s your favorite position. I’m just asking what you identify as if you’re not straight. And minors are free to come view and submit on this poll. It’s not like you must be 18+to identify as other than straight. I have quite a few acquaintances who know at the age of like 4 or 5 that they weren’t cis-het.

Besides, that’s why I threw this in off-topic instead of say the bugs and support page, for example.

However, if the devs agree that this is a bad idea, then I will take it down.
@Kafka, other devs? What say you?


When do young people ever choose to avoid something? It’s the trendy thing nowadays to be controversial. Some things just aren’t meant for children or developing adolescents. Otherwise why do we have ratings and age limitations?

I don’t think this should be here. It isn’t material that I would want my son or daughter to view on the internet until they’re less impressionable and more able to think critically.

Cis/het??? Where did all this come from? A child at age 4/5 does not have these thoughts. My children played with their toys at that age, saw their friends and talked about their interests (interests of a 5 year old do not include sexuality, unless the parent/influential figure(s) in their lives are drumming it into their heads that they should or unless they’ve been exposed to something horrific).

I view this as a serious safeguarding issue and would like to see the developers have this thread closed
@Kafka @Cyrup


Cis: not trans
Het: hetrosexual
And when I was little I KNEW something was wrong, despite my parents pushing me towards manly man things like racing and football, I just wanted to dress up and play house. It wasn’t until 23 that it clicked that I was trans. If there was more visibility when I was a kid, I would have known that I was trans rather then go through my entire childhood thinking I was a freak. It ain’t the parents. And this is devolving into a fight rather than a search for solidarity. The exact opposite of what I wanted. I’m going to stop replying to your posts. Depending on what @Kafka and the devs say, I might kill this thread and start the poll again on a clean thread.


My condolences for your struggles.

I believe however that my point still stands; there are parts of the internet that are much better suited to discussing sex and sexuality and any issues arising from this. This is simply not the place to do it.

I don’t want my children (who also play and visit the forums), to view material like this that is unrelated to the match-3 rpg when they’re coming here to look for tips and whatever else.

I don’t want this to devolve into a fight at all. Hence why my original post was encouraging to look at more appropriate areas of the internet.

Nuking the thread and restarting it will only reignite the same opinions.


I believe that your fear of what you consider “abnormal” is driving your comments here. And since when did hiding things ever keep a kid from finding out about it? This poll has as much right to exist as any other off-topic subject. Take your repression and prejudices elsewhere.


You may believe whatever you choose. I do not fear anything given the amount of things I’ve seen, done and experience.
What I do fear however is the normalisation and acceptance of delusion becoming accepted reality.
I see no prejudice or repression here. Merely a desire to enjoy a game without having it polluted with a load of attention seeking politically charged and divisive material.


Thanks for the thread topic @AmberPeacemaker :smiley_cat:

I think people are perfectly capable of having a PG-13 conversation on this topic. So, I see nothing wrong with your post. This is the “off-topic” area of the forum after all.


The problem with threads like this is that it does cause arguments. I’m not making a value judgment one way or the other but an argument has already sprung from this.

Someone makes a thread like this and gets no responses they then want to cry prejudice. If people don’t want to discuss it than they are fascists. If someone identifies as “cis/het” they are automatically assumed to be hateful.

The end result will always be arguing. I see no value in assigning labels to everyone. This is about as relevant as asking everyone’s race or religion. I’m not here to tell anyone what to do either. If you want to go down this road be my guest but you have been warned that nothing good will come of it.


I think that you have a much calmer way of saying this isn’t a good topic to start.


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Funny enough, she didn’t “ask” for anyone’s comment on sexuality. She didn’t ask for a discussion about anything at all. She put up a poll to see if there were fellow LGBT in the community. It was nothing more or less than that.

If I made a thread called “Curious about representation of African Dispora players”, I doubt anyone would have stated the thread was inappropriate for the eyes of children just because I wanted to see if there were other black players like myself in the game.


So LGBT and sexuality have nothing in common? No?

It’s a topic designed to elicit a reaction. “Amber” has been given reactions.

As trolling goes it’s quite good. I guess I must applaud his efforts.

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You should make a thread about it and add in plenty of cat pics


I never said anything at all about if it was appropriate for children. Since I don’t have any I am not qualified to make that claim. I also think that if you made a thread asking people to identify their race that would also lead to argument. I’m not saying what’s right or wrong I’m just sharing my experience


Are you seriously calling her thread a “troll” because you dislike LGBT topics?
Wow… just wow.


I didn’t say that I dislike them.
I said there are better places that are specifically suited to such discourse.
Usually when these threads are created they’re done so to elicit a reaction and to find people that don’t agree with them so that they can bash them for not comforming.
This is a game about matching gems. Not warping reality to fit narcissistic agendas.

Just for some clarification, I have nothing against gay people, being gay is something that is recognised as natural and common throughout the animal kingdom. My own daughter is gay and I’m fine with that. So there isn’t a dislike of gay people here. Much as you might desire there to be :slight_smile:

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And, I wasn’t talking about you.

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Chiming in here as mod.

I don’t see any grounds to close this thread based on topic. I see nothing exclusionary in the OP’s wording, and if people are interested in identifying themselves then I see no reason why they cannot.

However, I will be watching the comments carefully as excessive derailment and any personal attacks that arise will not be tolerated. If it gets out of hand, I will close the topic.

As well, I defer to Salty or Cyrup’s call here if they don’t wish to have this discussion on their forum; I’m speaking for myself at the moment.