Enter into this dungeon if you are Furry or otherwise are interested in them

So i have been wondering just how many people who play this game are furries and what about the fandom do you enjoy. Please do not post hateful comments that are designed as anti-furry hate. Also how would you describe what you believe the fandom is and what drew you into it. Each person is different and people have diffrent views on the same fandom. For me i like furries because they are like more accepting humans. To me a furry is any animal who contains human characteristics such as the ability to talk to a human or the ability to walk on 2 legs or operate tools that they other wise could not such as monkeys making a rocket. Also if you are a furry what is your fursona if you have one and if you do not mind sharing possible post a pic of it if you have one.


I have been waiting for this topic for so long, but didn’t want to have to be the one to create it. xD


Dang it tracet i knew you would be the first to reply to this but a dragon scared to do something is just too adorable.

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Hehe, I can be quite adorable. :3

I’m preparing an elaborate response as we speak. It may take an hour or so. I guess I will also describe my title while I am at it.


For those of you that don’t know, the furry fandom are people that like anthropomorphic animals. These are bipedal animals with human-like anatomy and characteristics. There are A LOT of furry-like characters in Gems of War, much more so than the average most games present.

I ended up officially becoming a furry 5 years ago in early 2011. It was as a result of watching the anime “Legendz: Tale of the Dragon Kings.” I really liked Shiron’s personality and art that ended up introducing me more to the furry fandom. I was familiar with what the fandom was prior to that, but I never really associated myself with it until then. I created the concept for my fursona around this time.

My fursona’s name, as many of you could probably guess, is Tacet. He is also known as Tacet the Tionerroroct [tee – on – er –er – ok], Tionerroroct being his species. He is more often than not just referred to by the abbreviated version of Tacet the Terror or most commonly as just Tacet. Tacet is a furred anthro dragon with feathered wings and a hand carved metallic neck brace. He is primarily black with bright cyan accents around his wrists, ankles, around his neck, and down the entirety of his spine to the tip of his tail. Some basic sketches of what he looks like are shown below:

Now or a brief bio. Tacet was born in a communist country known as the Tionerroroct Empire. He is within the bloodline of the highest and most corrupt beings of the society, who also are in control of most of the society. Tacet’s views defying their positions eventually gets him thrown into slavery. After several years of labor, he leads a revolt of the slaves for their freedom, but it ends in massive blood shed with the slave revolt ultimately losing. Ashamed of his actions, he fleas as far as possible away from the empire. He keeps the slave brace on as a representation of his failure, but also as a reminder that this isn’t over. Once he settles in the wild, the lives communally with several other species. There is a lot more to the backstory, but that should give the basic premise of the character.

The “of the 4th Gem” on my title on this forum is simply because I am the 4th, George William Smith IV to be exact. :slight_smile:

People of the furry fandom tend to have a lot of furry friends. This tends to root from the fact that many people don’t quite understand what the furry fandom is, think it is strange, or think that they are animal rapists. One of the most criticized aspects of the furry fandom is the amount of porn that spawns from the fandom. This is one thing that the furry community is fairly even split on position. I am actually in favor of furry porn. Despite the obvious reason ;), there is a more substantial reason as to why I do. Despite popular belief, most furry porn is digital artwork, not 2 people in fursuits doing “things” together (known as yiffing ). Furry porn actually reduces the demand for videoed prostitution while increasing the demand for art; explicit art, but still art.

Furries also tend to role play as their fursona or other characters. This can range anything from written story based, to digital, to in person in fur suits. Most furries are extremely accepting and tolerant people, slightly influenced by the fact that the fandom tends to have a really bad connotation from the media.

I also have a boyfriend who is a furry. (I am a male bisexual. He is gay.) We have yet to actually meet in person due to the couple hour flight distance, but we have been going pretty steady for nearly a year now. We will be meeting this summer, so hopefully that goes well. He also likes reading me bed time stories, which I absolutely love. That ended up spawning this image:

And this was just something cute we got recently as icons:

I do have some other art and the such, but most of it wouldn’t be appropriate for posting on this PG forum. :wink:

But yeah, that is a basic rundown of everything I can think of at the moment. Feel free to ask me questions about it.


I’m so glad we finally know the mysterious origins of your name!


I always tend to overcomplicate things. That rant ended up answering several different things at once. xD

I’m curious now if there are other furries on this forum. Not that it is a competition, but I am sure I am the furriest. :3 lol :laughing:

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Yes, that is a common response. xD

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Furry? Furry… Ah you mean Zoan devil fruit users ;-).

Sorry to go out a little on the furry topic but what the point of view of the furry fandom on One Piece manga?
There are a lot of anthropomorphic animals whose one of the main character since a long time and you will see more of them if you go further in the manga.


From my experience, One Piece isn’t that popular in the furry community. It is hard to generalize what the community does or does not like though.

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I thought the idea behind furries was you wanted to bang a dragon, not be one. Is role-playing a bi-product to give your partner something to look for, or is it more? What drew you and your partner together, and what do you look for in a fursona?


Most furries don’t want to “bang” their character or any other. It is more so about the role playing aspect of being something different. Also, partners in the furry community have normal relationships just like anyone else based on their actual personality. I’m not even a huge fan of my BF’s fursona. I love him for his personality.

There are some that exclusively seek partners based on species and sexual preferences. It really depends on how leveled in reality a furry is. Some become attached to people based on fursonas or preferences alone without much regard to anything else.

There are a lot differences of opinion on the matter, so it really depends on who you ask.


In the community just like in real life and to an extension the animal kingdom there are furries of all kinds. My furson lives in a world that tries to encompass all traits and jobs that humans have but unfortunately the world is inhabited by humans and furries and each fears the other. My fursona is Mirrorouse and during the day i am upstanding citizen in the furry community who “my fursona” is overly protective of people mostly littlefurs. Let me explain in this world furries are classified by age. 0-3 is a babyfur, 4-16 is a littlefur, 17-60 is a furry, and any furry that exceeds 60 is a grayfur. During the day i am a caretaker of babyfur and littlefur alike. Lets be honest cobs are a handful but at night i am a hunter of those who decide to lets say break special rules regarding certain people. I will leave it at that for the time being. I can’t draw very good and alll pictures i am in are in less than acceptable circumstances. I am a Russian bear-dog. Another thing with this world is that size does not matter because evolution in this world is skewed. Furries are further classified by housepet and wild. Housepets are shorter and don’t actually grow that much as their bodies are used to being taken care of and as such they grow no larger than a tiger babyfur or a wolf babyfur. As this is a problem all adult furries wear collars as soon as they become of age. they get their “licence” which is worn on the neck like well a collar. My gf and yes i have one is sadly a housepet but i do enjoy having her ride on my shoulder or my head. My colours are blue with black stripes across my arms nose and legs. Also nothing is more enjoyable than doing something and her climbing all over me. Yes there are mental health issues in this world as well and those who would abuse them and almost everything that happens in the human world is mirrored in this fictional world from a greyfur with thin fur in a suit that wears glasses to a fox whose dad made millions who is foul mouthed and a Hyena who is female trying to also become president. It is a very detailed world and includes a war between humans and furries.

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The world to which you live is a reflection of who you are if you let it be. My fursona world is a representation of my own personality both good and bad. “One day the stigmata in that world i have live will be erased, until then i can only destroy the evil and replace it with what is right so grow those too young to know as i wipe away all that wish you harm as you grow.”

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I had a couple people ask since I posted it, so I figured I post a link here. That last image from my post is from a furry named TwilightSaint. Here is one of his art galleries:

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I read a little about furries on Wikipedia. In fact, I always thought that furries was a subcategory of cosplayers only…

Last question, do you have a fursuit?


USA college students can’t afford fursuits. :stuck_out_tongue:

Custom ones can run anywhere from around $500 - $5,000. I do eventually want to get one, but no time soon. Whenever I do get it, I will need some kind of rig for the hands so I can move all 8 digits. The easiest method I can figure out atm is just to have each finger rigged to move simultaneously with the finger on the other side of the corresponding hand.

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kzintiwife… the wife of a kzinti - kzinti is an anthropomorphic cat species. :slight_smile: although i usually played dragons or dwarves on the txt based dnd (MUD) games. my real life ex boyfriends and even to a point my husband, have all been cats. 2 were kzinti (and married to my online chars rpg style), tony my tiger, and simba - my lion. :slight_smile:

I dont think that many people have made the connection, but i sure did. it had to do with their personalities matching their pre chosen fur… for me its about the cat personality - and the image/feelings my partner portrays in their avatars.

im not part of any group or anything, but i understand this group better than others. :slight_smile: PS: love the kitty hunter!


You guys have no idea how happy i am to see as many responses (other than my own). More i want to see more furries in this thread until even @Sirrian says he is secretly a dragon or something.

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