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👑 Closed/fermé/geschlossen/chiuso/cerrado 👑

  • update bump :jack_o_lantern:

Hello there i am interested to join the guild.

Im still leveling my kingdoms but i can provide:

  • 1500 seals, 75+ trophies, all GW match.

Thanks. Missa

Hi Missa, send me your invite then, PM preferred

Update bump…1 spot open

Friendly bump ^^

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morning bump

Hi! I’m a dedicated casual, usually do 300k+ gold, all GW matches and 1500 seals a week. I’d like to join

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Update Bump… still 1 spot open.

FWIW, we’re now one bracket below Top 100 and the next tier of Guild Wars rewards, despite missing a couple of people. Need one good person to take us over the top!

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morning bump…1 free spot

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A bump for a worthy guild. Get in while the gettin’ is good!

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Friendly bump ^^

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tea time bump :tea: :

Bump! Don’t miss the opportunity of joining this amazing and friendly guild


early morning bump :coffee:

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still open to recruit?
we are 2 people: lvl 1015 and 556.
active player pvp and GW. We are former Deity and Demigod of lvl 302 guild. Unfortunately, most of the guildies are non-active, so we think it’s time to leave our home for 1095 days.

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I wrote a PM yesterday…still waiting.

We’re on the cusp of Top 100 in GW and need a couple of people to help get us over the hump!

Two spots available now…

How can these spots still be open and better yet who would be silly enough to vacate them in the 1st place??