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Council of chief battle lag

playing gow on crappy device, i notice a severe lag on CoC menu. pretty graphic demanding for my device for such a simple menu.

then, going into battle, the lag continues on, making gameplay unbearable.

the thing is, in other game mode, this lag doesnt happen. even in explore, when i usually notice a little lag in explore menu when pop up appear, the lag doesnt carry into battle.


Same on my device. Only lags on Council

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I’ve also had the same problem from the beginning of the event. Like the posts above only Council of Chiefs battles are affected. All other modes including Invasion are perfectly normal.
I use an LG Android 8.1 phone

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The only time that I encountered any noticeable lag was at the end of battles, where it sometimes took a little while for the battle rewards to show up. I see this some times in Explore as well. The battles themselves seemed fine for me. I used a Samsung Note 8 for some battles, and my Desktop computer for others.

Same problem here. Every move plays out agonizingly slow and I have to swipe multiple times before it registers. Makes a bad event that much worse.

Same on my old phone. Only for this event.