Game is mostly unplayable on my Android phone since update

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which when I bought it was basically the fastest phone on the market.

I have rebooted the phone and used a memory cleanup tool to make absolutely sure the game is running as smoothly as possible to re-test the issue.

I should mention that my control group is that I play this game every single day for about 15-30 minutes on my phone.
I have played it since the update many times and this has happened every single time.
I also play on PC and iPad [but not since update, I don’t think] and have never experienced this.

When either player (human or computer) makes a move, the game hangs for about 1 second. And I do mean around 1000 milliseconds. It’s possible that it’s only 0.5 seconds but it’s VERY noticeable.

You tell the computer to make a move (or the AI does) and after you move your finger to make the match (or the AI does) it can hang at any point:
Before the match is ever made [This is how I know it’s not a freeze…it eventually executes the move I made]
Immediately after the match
Before or after the cascade
Before or after any visible game-effects being applied from a match (such as a 4 match or skull match)

Note that it NEVER hangs DURING the match or cascade.

If the average move takes 2 seconds and each move adds a 1 second hang…this is essentially unplayable at 33% hanging.

As an aside, this means I’m going to have to look for a new phone game.
I already hate the new PC/Steam controller version UI.
So this is kind of a tipping point in a game that is already becoming marginal for me. If I have to start playing a new game on my phone…am I likely to go back to GoW?


yeah its sad, even the high end phones arent good enough for gow

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Don’t have an answer for you but I can assure you the game is very playable on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, which is nowhere near as powerful as your S7, and my Galaxy Tab S2, which is pretty close to the specs of your S2.

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Most name brand phones are overpriced, hyped up, trash that gets rebranded every year with very minor changes for more money.

Never really understood the need for "high end "phones, or phones in general, particularly getting a new one every year. All communication and texting can be done on minute phones, all movement needs that require a screen can be done on a tablet and similar devices, and everything else can be done on a computer.

Unfortunately, all my computers are Macs so I’m relying on my mobile device to play this game. There is only one device I can play reliably on now… which shows that for such a simple game without huge animation this is a super bloated game.

I can watch movies and play full 3d video games on my devices that are not good enough to play GoW. I really think this is an issue the devs need to address ASAP because they are alienating everyone but PC/Console players and those that have the cash to upgrade with each new ‘animation’ added to the upgrades for GoW.

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Sorry you’re having issues Ariel, it runs fine on my Oneplus 3

Samsung S7 here and its working just fine. Have you tried reinstalling the game?

Such a helpful response to someone asking for help with their phone. “Phones are trash”. If you haven’t got anything positive to contribute maybe leave the thread alone?


I never said phones are trash. Was simply stating that the practice of name brand phones constantly releasing slightly modified rebranded phones is a bad business practice, as many times their improvements are excessively minimal and gimmicky. The system of which is being referred to as trash.

Though, as you stated, this probably is a bad place to try to have a conversation or debate over business practices regarding phones on a thread of someone that is requesting for help, so I will concede.


My dream is to have a very light game on a good working phone so i could spam the game for long hours and the battery/temperature would last forever

but every time i buy better phone - the games i like to play auto-adjust to the phone so exploit more of its resources so it never happens :confused:

id like to just have some old version of gow that would have much smaller requirement so it could just run swiftly without heating the phone up?
originally i installed gow to have a light match-3 game i could play on the phone in bed and so on, but then it turned out its good only on the pc. if the 3.0.5 update for mobiles makes it even more resource consuming then ill have to just look for a different mobile game to play in bed :sweat_smile:

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does android version has graphic option like pc has now? maybe try lower setting.

Not yet. But if the unity version is the same as PC it will even have a battery saving mode (which, if it works, is a seriously great addition)

So true. Phones now have more ram? Cool, no need to optimise ram usage. Phones have bigger batteries? Better build in loads of hardware and OS features that use the battery faster.

It’s the same with PCs. I remember seeing a video showing that basic tasks in excel in the latest version running on a high spec PC were no faster than they were on a 486 running Windows 3.1 and whatever version of excel that used. Kind of hilarious, kind of depressing. (Although admittedly modern software can do a LOT more.)


It seems a bit strange that the game doesn’t work on such a new/modern phone, when it works just fine on my old Galaxy S4 mini… Have you tried reinstalling the game?

I’m still playing on an older less powerful phone than that. (HTC One M9)

After the last Android update, my location settings were causing all programs to hang every three minutes. Along with some other crapware being pushed onto the phone.

I basically had to spend a couple hours finding all the general issues other people with my phone were having after the Android updare. I share this, because there could be something else impacting GoW, that wouldn’t be expected.


I just opened my iPad [not Android] and it does almost the same thing.

It doesn’t hang every single time, but it still hangs quite often.
Maybe every other play instead of every play? Every third?

I’d just like to reclarify, I’ve had this phone for a year and played GOW every day since October, so whatever the phone was going to do to the game, it would have done by now.

Im having a similar problem on my android phone… The loading times are brutal since the update… It takes 10 minutes of loading and connection errors per fight

It doesnt matter if im on wifi or not or time of day and i am not real good with technology to begin with so im kinda just stuck with it


This solved my problem 100%. Of course now I can’t talk to my guild, which is why this is a workaround, not a solution.
It’s still bugged but now I can at least play the game.

[quote]Support June 29, 2017 00:45

We are aware of an old issue with the chat that caused some performance drops. Can you please try turning off/Disconnecting from the in-game Chat and see if you get any form of performance increase?

Please let me know if this has helped.[/quote]


I have the exact same problem after the last update

Every day I log in, my game has to download about 63.41mb of data on iOS. What’s this about?

I had the same issue, game would stutter on every turn. It started when I started playing on PC. Completely log out of Steam and then try mobile. Hope it helps.