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[Fixed in 4.9] Council of Chiefs lag

Platform, device version and operating system:
Mobile (Android)

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
The game lags horribly when I play Council of Chiefs event - everything on the screen moves very slowly. I know that my phone is old, but the game speed is fine in other modes. I saw this issue mentioned in Feedback forum, but I did not find a report for it.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
From the very beginning of the event. Every time I fight in this event.

Steps to make it happen again
Try the event on an older phone, maybe?


I see similar picture too: not very slow, but slower than other modes. Like CPU is overloaded. It happened when I set higher graphics levels than my tablet could run well. But all other battles are fine now, only “Council of Chiefs” mode lags.


I had the same, ran extremely slow the whole event generally taking several swipes before moves would even register. Was isolated to CoC everything else ran normally.


Hey, sorry we’ve been having some server issues recently which have been getting monitored by the team (we’re on it).

If you’re ever unsure about lag you can check for a yellow ! mark in the game settings. Sometimes this will appear yellow if there is an issue with the connection between us, NOT just if it’s the game server with a problem.

If you want to check the game server itself you can always use this link too:

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Thank you, Kafka.
The lag lasted the whole week (Monday-Sunday) and only affected Council of Chiefs. I played every day with the same result: the game was runnning fine in all modes except the new event. Why would server issues show up only during a certain event?

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It has nothing to do with servers and connections. The battle is purely client-side, and the client lags.

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It happened the entire event and only in CoC. Whether or not the servers were experiencing degraded performance made no difference.


happened to me, too, on my tablet. Very frustrating and eventually i just gave up and let my team down rather than try to press through it

From what I understand (not personally afflicted) the lag is with every piece of the interface (input delay, inputs being eaten, and framerate reduction - NOT trademark server lag which is transitions that require server contact taking extended periods of time) from when the World Event menu is entered and persists through battles. It is highly unlikely to be a server issue. I’d look into that very subtle tilt/zoom in effect that happens as battles are displayed for the first time in this mode, since this is the only instance (that I know of) that appears to use 3D rendering in game, and the way it is handled may be causing this adverse reaction on certain devices.

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Hello team, could anyone experiencing this lag please reply with their device, and if they’re on a phone or PC, their OS?

This could also be due to to using an older device, or having your quality settings too high. We recommend lowering the quality settings and seeing how it goes, and if there is still lag please let us know. (And PLEASE include your device and OS when doing so.)

Galaxy Tab - Android 8.1.0

Only experienced lag in CoC, everything else (pet rescue, delves, etc.) played fine.

What are your quality settings?

Graphics - Medium
Animation Speed - 4x

Other, in case you want/need it:
Blur - Off
Power Saving - Checked
HQ Water - unchecked

Is there any difference when putting the graphics on low?

Samsung Galaxy A5 2016
Android 7.0

Graphics Quality: Low
Blur Quality: Off
Power Saving: unchecked
High Quality Water: unchecked
Festive Themes: checked

I cannot try different settings, because Council of Chief is over, and the issue occurred only during that event.


@Meltilia can your tablet upgrade to Android 8.0?

Unfortunately, Android 7.0 is no longer supported by Google. Many apps including Gems of War will experience degraded performance on outdated OS.

Since CoC is over, I wouldn’t be able to test the graphics speed to see a difference, but will the next event if I experience lag again.

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I don’t think so. Auto Update is on, so if it stopped updating after 7, that’s probably it.

I do realize that I have a 5-year old phone. However, all other modes of GoW run smoothly on it, so I thought that maybe you can optimize the new event.

I had the same problem all week.
I play on an LG phone. Android 8.1
Graphics quality on low

It’s the bloody cornavirus. Everyone is home and the internet is stressed.