[Contact Support] Error Occurring When Buying Shrines

I Get Paid For The Back And Forth. And Data For My Doctoral Thesis. Double Win. They Fixed The Issue, Gave Me The Stuff The Game Messed Up, Some Gems. Got Some Good Orbs Too. (Major Orb Of Glory, Orb Of Power.) Hoping For Rubiwrath On My Next Gem Egg. Last One I Need. :slight_smile:

Wow doctorate …? Lol

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The point here is that for some reason any other forum member can directly criticize someone and its totally fine.

I said there was good advice being ignored, which is 100% true and get attacked for it. Again im not sure why everyone else is allowed to ask questions, yet i get attacked for asking the same question (in the last post that was locked for this person’s behavior).

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Hello :slight_smile:

As this thread is resolved, currently derailing off topic and with the discussion being no longer civil, I have closed this particular thread.

Thank you for understanding :slight_smile: