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GoW crashing since update (PS4) [RESOLVED ON PS4]

Almost completely broken now. Too many things are causing a crash to happen :angry:

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Went to forge, go back, crash.

Went to mails. Go back, crash.

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We have pushed a fix that should aid some issues. Please restart your game and let us know if you continue experiencing crashes.

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Is the shrine working for anyone on ps4? Completing one battle triggers the tutorial popup, but it days the shrine isn’t available in my region and I can’t view it.

Now this comes up and I can’t even start the game now


Same thing here. Error code changes each instance.

The 'go back’s error seems fixed, I could go to forge, my mails, guild without error.

But I got a message about new stuff at shrine, but it’s unavailable.

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For those with errors, have you restarted your game and console?

We have tested the fixes and can get in, but there might be something else happening.

Shrines will be available next week.

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A player already unlocked the Shrine trophy on PlayStation. Hack?

It looks like it’s accumulating gold behind the scenes, so it’s possible that the trophy will pop when it hits 100k, even if you can’t see it. Can’t confirm that myself, though.

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Yes that seems to be the case.
I just earned the trophy (I used a couple of vault keys and got enough gold)

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Thanks for the trophy info guys! <3