[Contact Support] Error Occurring When Buying Shrines


Screens Of The Error Code

Screens Of It Double Charging Me, Because It Didn’t Register Or Give Me The Items I Purchased

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Went To Buy The Gold Shrine With The 2 Major Orbs Of Chaos. Purchased From The Game Menu, Waited A Minute, It Didnt Register Or Show Up. Went Back To Purchase Menu, Shrine Was Still Full And Still For Sale. Bought It Again, Error Code Popped, Has To Restart Game. All Progress From Unpurchased Shrine Erased. New Message “Shrines Are Not Available In Your Region.”

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This Has Happened 3× In The Past Week. Screen Shots Verify Dates. Been Happening Since 10/17/2022

Steps to make it happen again
Not Sure How It Happens, And Doesn’t Happen. I Just Buy The Shrine.

I think you’ll need to contact support.

Also probably best to not buy anymore shrines until that is fixed.

(I’d actually argue the shrines are never worth it but it’s your money, of course)


I Mentioned It In A Prior Post, They Told Me To Make A Post With Bug Report. Can I Change It To Contact Support?

You use the in game links to submit a ticket

Contacting support won’t help at all, they’ll just tell you to take it up with Playstation, or whoever else processed your payment. Double-charging is a pretty common issue in Gems of War, it also happens for transactions that appear to have worked just fine. You’ll only notice when you check your payments, which surprisingly few people do.

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Even Though Thats Clearly A Fault In Their Coding? Things Not Registering Or Being Furnished After Purchase Isn’t On Playstation, Thats On Them. Thanks For The Info Though.

I am genuinely so confused that anyone buys those shrines. There are lots of things in the game that seem worthwhile to buy, but those I really don’t understand.


Support could send him (?) the rewards a second time. If he buys shrines often, that could be a solution.

They should be the ones fixing that issue if it only occurs with gems, no? :sweat_smile:

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If I recall correctly, the player wants the orbs mainly.

But yeah, in my opinion they’re bad value. You could end up with a bunch of resources that you can farm plus some green orbs for that much money. :sweat_smile:

I never buy stuff for real money that are a gamble.

I Typically Get Major Orbs Of Wisdom Or Major Orbs Of Ascension From It. Very Rarely Do I Get Orbs Of Growth/Clans/Ingots/Pets From Them. :man_shrugging:

If they would like, guarantee the pet orbs I might think about it (though I’d still consider it a waste to have souls thrown in). Those are really the only ones I need at this point.

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Major Orb of Chaos Chances:

  • 30% Chance of a Major Orb of Wisdom
  • 24% Chance of a Major Orb of Growth
  • 20% Chance of a Major Orb of Clans
  • 10% Chance of a Major Orb of Ascension
  • 6% Chance of a Major Orb of Ingots
  • 3% Chance of a Major Orb of Forging
  • 3% Chance of an Orb of Glory
  • 2% Chance of a Major Orb of Glory
  • 1% Chance of a Major Orb of Minions
  • 1% Chance of an Orb of Power
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I Wouldn’t Mind A Guaranteed Pet Orb Every Now And Again. I Have A Bunch Of Pets And I Want To Level Them Up.

I Only Buy The Gold Shrine. Souls I House On My Own. The 100K Gold Doesnt Hurt Either If Im Trying To Max Out A Pillar In The Guild Either.

Lots of good info here being ignored, cant say im surpised :joy:

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Hello :slight_smile:

As this issue involves more sensitive information, please contact support via ticket with the exact same details as you have posted here.

Information Needed:

  • Invite Code
  • Type of Shrine Purchased
  • Playstation Receipts, from the console purchase history
  • Photos of the CLIFFY Error Code
  • What you actually happened.
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god, why would you buy those shrines? gold? farm with a team, can get 200k per hour


Ive Grown Weary Of Answering This Mate. For The Orbs. That’s Why. Major Orbs Of Wisdom/Ascension Are Usually What I Receive From That Shrine. It’s The Reason My Main Teams Are Fully Traited, And Fully Gloried. Why Every Mythic I Have, Is Maxed Out. The Gold Helps A Bit, But The Orbs Are The Main Reason.

When its their forum it pretty much does make them right. You can get your acxount suspended from their forum. Try arguing about whos right then lol

There is. Go to the profile and set the forum member on ignore.

Probably best to just ignore each other, either by sheer force of will or by using the forum function.

Not worth it (unless you actually enjoy the type of back and forth, then more power to you :wink:)