[Contact Support] Disenchanting troops removed instead of adding souls

PS4 10.00

Was too shocked & upset to take screenshots.

I disenchanted all troops expecting 69,000+ souls to be added but instead souls were removed and I ended up with 7,315

Obviously this only happened once.

I was adding medals to troops, was down to around 70,000+ souls and decided to disenchant all troops.
Was shocked when I couldn’t afford to add the next medal for 20,000 souls.

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Hey @BlackShades35

Can you submit a ticket to Support, making sure your invite code is included and we can look into this further for you.

I tried to submit a ticket but when I got to the end to submit it said it wasn’t submitted and I should look at an email.

No email was received since this one so I’m hoping you can submit a ticket for me.

I just copied the post and added hero details:
Invite code: BLACKSHADES35_8CFP
Hero level: 1128
VIP: None


To submit a ticket, you’ll need to sign in to Zendesk (which is our Help Centre website)

Once you check your emails, you just gotta click through the link and you should be all good to submit tickets after that! :sparkles:

OK - Thanks - Done

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