CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approaches - Jotnar Stormshield

Maybe Bubble Boy? :laughing:

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He look like Odin father of Thor

Or a very angry Santa


You guys have been very lucky, I spent 200 VIP chests and no Jontar. Decided not to spend anymore at this point.

My wife burned through all of her gem chests, thousands of glory chests and finally got him with the few gem chests she got from her guild on Monday. I’d say she earned him.

I got him in my first 50 gem keys on Friday, which was, as you say, very lucky.

Having now seen him in action, I’d say you aren’t missing much.


Eh, it’s more for completing my troop collection that actually using him. Right now I just need him, Abynissia, War, and the newly released Dark Troll to have everything out on console (exluding Summer Imp which is only available from legendary tasks)

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We call shadow Hunter ‘titty cat’. Lol

I think you missed a trick there.

It should be titty kitty.

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I’m in the UK, we don’t really say kitty but yeah, that’s better! Jotnar… Hmm

Titty kitty …wow