Can't decide what Mythic to get next. Feedback needed

So, besides having two extra missing Mythic troops that are craftable - Xathenos and Zuul’Goth, I can’t really decide what’s best to pick up next from the eight missing Mythic troops.

I asked around a bit, but I haven’t reached any solution yet.
Any relevant feedback would be highly appreciated!

Jotnar is good with loop teams. Wulfgarok is great with beast times and can be very helpful


Out of that list, the only one I ever use on occasion is Wulfgarok. I love to play him in beast teams from time to time.

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Since you direct messaged me about this on Monday. How many folks need to tell you Wulfgarok before you move forward with it?


I just wanted more than one opinion, that’s all.
The Maugrim Woods Kingdom is available next week.
If I craft one now, I won’t have to dump in any Event Keys.

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Thought process based on tributes:

Death, Plague, War are pointless
Obsidius covers for Fallen Valdis
Shade of Zorn covers for Gargantaur

so Stonehammer, Wulfgarok, Jotnar Stormshield

Maugrim Woods is still stuck at KP 9 even with the event on Monday. There’s a future event after that with 3 more troops, one being legendary.
Khaziel doesn’t have any troops being made in the near future.
Stormheim has a faction in 2 months

I would go Jotnar Stormshield just for tribute purposes. Its also not totally terrible on giant teams or for barrier purposes.


I’d say it’s a tossup between Jotnar and Wulfgarok, based on utility. Totally depends on what you like running in pvp/gw, and whether you’d actually use the one you craft.

Maugrim having two events in the next two months would be a strike against crafting Wulfgarok now. Since you’ll be spending event keys in the December one anyway, why not give yourself a chance to get lucky?

Team Jotnar it is.

(I will say, it’s good to see positive buzz around Wulfgarok. With this year’s buffs, he’s not bad!)

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I vote Jotnar.

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I will probably not spend any Event Keys, unless if I will be seeking new Legendaries.
I just recently dumped 300 and did not get lucky with the Stonehammer.
1000+ Event Keys is just my emergency stash that will be used to get Legendaries.
Some people are saying that I should have at least 1250 Event Keys to have a 100% chance of getting a new Legendary, or was it Mythic, but I am not sure if this is a fact or just a speculation at this point.

After all the gathered feedback, I have decided to go up with Jotnar Stormshield first.

Now I have 12 Kingdom Stars, so +1 extra health point, which is a plus.
Wulfgarok is also on my list, but I’ll probably get the Stonehammer first, because of +1 to skill (10+ Kingdom stars).

Thank you for all your opinions. They were definitely helpful in making my final decision.