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New Mythic question - Jotnar Stormshield

For me he does 16 true damage boosted by allies with Barrier and Giant allies. So I have two Giants on my team and when I cast him he does 31 true damage. How?

Shouldn’t it be 16 damage + 10 (2 Giants) or does he count himself for an additional 5?

*No one has barrier

Sounds like he does the same thing as The Dragon Soul and counts himself as an ally.

That’s pretty sweet then. Cause I was thinking he wasn’t as good as Emperor Khorvash and he is only a legendary.

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Also, he’ll count Barrier’d Giants twice, so he can get quite deadly.

I haven’t used him enough yet, and don’t have him fully traited, but I think I’d still prefer Khorvash since he does over 20 true damage to 2 targets AND drains them. But we’ll see. Plus, when a Giant dies on your team, you lose the additional +5 damage.

So far, Jotnar pairs nice with Jarl Firemantle.

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And people think Khorvash is fine the way he is.