CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approaches - Euryali

Originally published at: CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approaches – Euryali – Gems of War

New Mythic Troop: Euryali

Many centuries ago, a special Naga child was hatched. She was half snake, half humanoid, like her mother, but she had the most wondrous set of wings. It was widely believed, though never confirmed, that the father was Undine, God of the Sea.

Her mother named her Euryali, and as she grew, it soon became apparent that she had an aptitude for magic far beyond most of her people. Sadly, because of both her power and her beauty, Euryali was feared by the Naga Queens. They stripped the beautiful feathers from her wings, and exiled her from her home. She travelled deep into the Mists, no longer able to fly, into the places even the Naga fear to slither, and there she learned many secrets including the dark powers of necromancy.

When Euryali returned, it was with a host of Undead Naga at her back. A fierce battle raged for many years, and although Euryali was defeated, her body was never found. Today, however, she has returned to the Mist of Scales, a true force to be reckoned with.

Please note this Troop is currently available on PS4 and XBox One.

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What’s the damage multiplier?

mixing her with Yasmine. x 2 is the multiplier of Euryali.

2250 glory chests, 480 gem, 7500 seals no mythic
I dare not dip into the last ten thousand of my gems seeing as infernus cost me pretty much the same as above PLUS 11250 gems on vip.
This really sucks being vip now. Spend gems on soulforge or the vip chests I paid to get access to? It’s a proper dilemma being a vip victim. :thinking:


So thats 24 true damage… to all enemies… wow

Its 23 damage. True damage teams is slow now at least for endgame players, enemies has too much life.

Got it! After just 1.6k glory keys! Lucky! :open_mouth:

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My streak of unluckiness has continued and I haven’t pulled any of the 5 last mythics :sob:

I guess I’m lucky, 1700 glory keys and 100 gem keys and I pulled 1.


1200 glory keys, 250 gem keys, 5000 guild seals, one pull of 50 vip and I scored two :relaxed:


She looks like an above average mythic, any good teams with Euryali?
I’m going to use the keys to try to get her.

Took 1050 glory keys so not too shabby. Left a hefty stash to throw at Yasmine’s in 2 weeks time :smiley:

@ColonielZoland88 check Tacet’s stream on youtube from when it was released on PC.

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Green Seer

Abyssal Banner

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Her third trait isn’t that great though, you can only poison a troop once.

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500 Glory Keys and 400 Gem Keys, got it with 30ish Guild Keys. So I was very lucky with this one.


Yesssss 50 vip and got 2 copy, crossing fingers to be lucky for the next one also


Its your lucky day! :slight_smile:

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I’m so frigging pissed, it’s drained me, I refuse to waste gems on vip. My Mrs pulled her in 50 vip but I can guarantee I won’t. I’ll try to get yasmine and then I’ll be looking at xathenos and after that I might just quit because this game is going down the pan.


I can feel your pain, man. Tho I did not spend enough to get VIP 5 I can see how one could struggle getting enough gems for VIP keys between guild sentinels and tasks nerf.

People were hoping for Soulforge to be a help in getting those elusive mythics when RNG is against you on release. Instead it turned out to be a replacement - we take away much of your gems and event keys for a guaranteed mythic every 3 months.

If you quit you won’t be the first and there will be some to follow.

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You make this sound like a bad thing… I suspect, in a few months time, most people will be better off than they were before the update. The only ones that really suffer are the people that were raking in insane amounts of gems via LTs, which was a handful of guilds. Most people simply haven’t lost enough free gems to offset a free mythic of your choice every 2-3 months.

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