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What to expect of Undine? Or do we wait for the Wild Queen?

With the new Contents now a lot of folks are short of gems and can’t fish every new Mythic.

So do we shoot for Undine or do we rather flip a coin in for the Wild Queen in May?

I suppose the circumstances should fall in such a pattern as to grant me Undine with the least amount of resources spent or - even better - no resources spent at all…you have named this troop after my daughter, dear devs, haven’t you?;

Anyway, let’s wait and see what happens. I did get the previous mythic within realm-of-reason cost;

P.S. I do hope the picture in taransworld troop spoilers is completely wrong. Undine is a female and will always be a female. Impossible to imagine her as a male.


Undine is heavily defense oriented, thus slow. The only use I see in him now is blue GW, but GW is once every 3 weeks. Generally you want to get your hands on Ketras, Infernus, Gard and other offensive Mythics to boost your gold income. If you don’t have them yet and own less than 12 unique Myths, I’d advise to hunt for them instead of Undine.
On the other hand, Undine will help you in getting 7 stars on Merlantis, which will slightly boost your glory/gem tribute income.

As for the Wild Queen, I’m not a big fan of skull spamming teams. Mainly for how annoying Gorgotha is. Sylvanimora, Yasmine’s Chosen too. Basically you invest your moves into buffing 1st troop’s attack, and when he dies/gets denied, you suffer a lot. AoE spells are more reliable and powerful option.


That what I thought as well, untill I dig deeper in to the lore. Undine is such a feminine name, better suited for female Goddess.

For the official lore, Undine is basically this game version of Posideon. He is also likely a father of Euryali, Mist of Scale Mythic. Her mother and Undine’s wife is likely Medusa, according to Greek mythology.

In-game wise, I hope I get him from the stock of keys I’ve been saving since the mythic in my avatar released. (I didn’t got him, btw. T__T) I used all my seals every weeks on 40K chest so I could have a chance at getting the few mythic I didn’t have, so I don’t have that for new monthly mythic. I’m also terrible at hoarding gems, but there is always Treasure hunt farming, so I could only hope to get lucky!

P.S. I’ve changed this thread’s category to Spoiler. I think it’s better that way for people who don’t know about future releases.


Undine will be the first Mythic that is immune to Mana Drain. He has a combination of terrible, obnoxious abilities such that I expect to see him three or more times on Guild Wars blue day. On offense, he doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, but he does hard-counter certain meta combinations, including the one that is probably most prevalent today.

Wild Queen’s traits, if they remain as they are, look terrible - bonestorm is the worst storm, even if your aim is to get out as many skull hits as quickly as possible because you want mana to keep board modding, and few wildfolk are suited to go up front if you want a well-constructed, consistently winning team, and despite consistently favoring attack boosts and high attack, actually have really poor attack synergy. Her spell is a very risky accelerator that looks like the risk/reward might be a bit off because of my experience with other 16 spawners. If you debuff the first troops attack and miss, you might be safe, but you can easily land lethal hits with an attack boosted troop and not get an extra turn, leaving you vulnerable to the next troop in line. Gorgotha up front is far, far more sensible than trying to interact with her garbage trait and trading pieces down the line, but then you can easily run into another Gorgotha (or, much less likely, enrage). Her purpose looks like part “fake synergy” (gives or gets some kind of boost from troops that actually hurts your team comp more than it helps), part temporary diversion (let me spend several hours trying to make this troop work), and part rarely seen defense troop (could still potentially turn 2 win versus soft targets paired with stuff like Ragnagord, it just won’t be reliable).

I think Undine is the clear winner here in terms of potential usefulness.

Also, if you could fish every mythic before and can’t now because you are spending gems on things that aren’t required and don’t get you to mythics, you should reevaluate your collection strategy.


I know that I will spend everything no matter what, even if I do want to wait for Wild Queen :rofl:. I suck at saving resources. It has worked out well for me so far though…I have over 14 Mythics, all different, and have only crafted 2. I have also never spent a dime in the game, but do spend quite a bit of time playing it. I typically get every other Mythic or so.

I can’t help but feel you don’t fish for the god of the sea, he fishes for you.


try for both, although both aren’t great as is