CONSOLE: 2.2 Patch Notes

Has the weekly seals been changed? It’s been awhile since I have played on console but I thought it was 1500 like on PC

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Come on dev that was too easy :slight_smile:

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That’s good I don’t want them making it difficult. There’s too much grinding in this game as it is. Increase the rewards tho’,… I’m pushing it on that one right? Yeah, I think so.


@Alpheon @GoldPhoenix0 i was wondering if the new events rewards always going to be the same (exept the troop reward) or they will change every events?

Event rewards change from week to week, so expect different items in there from week to week.

Awesome, i really like this addition to the game, keep up the good work guys you rock!

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The Emperor: Capture 20 kingdoms
That’s not retroactive?!

It can’t be awarded without you doing anything, even if you have the kingdoms, due to rules put in place by Sony. However, you don’t need to get 20 more, only 1 more to trigger the system to acknowledge it. So if you have 20+ now, you should get it when you get your next kingdom when it’s next out.

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@Sirrian a few of us on PS4 cannot buy the new offers (path to glory and growth packs) any idea why?


When killing a Hero in PvP that is set to Mech class you do NOT revive the stone for the Sparkgrinder event. Fought a team with 3 troops: DB, BB, Hero and only revived 2 after the battle, yes I double checked the Hero.

I’m certain this is related to all the pervious issues concerning Hero “counts as”.

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Can somebody say if at least the Snowy Owl character is available now?

You can check out my thread over here where I keep track of the current catch-up progress. The original post lists all troops that have been released on console since the 2.0.5 update and provides a list of unreleased troops by kingdom below. I usually have it updated within 12 hours of a new release. Going to update for Mongo right now!

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So far, I have only one 3rd hand report that it is. I’ve asked a console dev for confirmation, but only just now.

Anyone know if you use mantis in def and win, do you also get +5 glory? Or it only work for invasion?

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Wow that is so useful :open_mouth::smiley: Thanks for all the work you put into that.

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Thanks, but it wasn’t all me. In fact, I’m the third person to be the keeper of that thread (after Shiratori quit the game and Talia got banned).

When I took it over in November, I was expecting to be done by Christmas, but it finally looks like we’re in the home stretch. If they are really dropping commons (and maybe even Legendaries? - pure speculation) into chests, then we’re finally in end-game for the synchronization. We’re even ahead features-wise, in that we have AI customization and daily tasks and, I think, lack nothing that PC/Mobile has. You’ll probably still get Guild Wars before we do, but for now, we’re only behind on troops.

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In game the answer is: no. I don’t know what the developers intended, If you read the text it should be Yes.

Running Mantis on Defense. Just got 1 win, 1 loss. +4 Glory.

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The Playstation store sucks and Sony doesn’t want your money. Every shop issue is a Playstation issue and only Playstation issue. Sony needs to get their act together.

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Alright ry for info that kinda suck