Congratulations to the dev team on the 4.9 update!

Yeah, it’s a good thing gow doesnt have event sigils or anything.


In these difficult times that we are all in together, surely we can agree that 1/10,000th of a legendary task is simply a ludicrous reward …


I’m somewhat surprised a single writ isn’t in the list…or a common ingot …

Or a single guild seal.

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Hell, just pay someone to make u your own game for that cash Lol
Not that any of us believe a word of it

I’m a billionaire but I shop at Walmart :joy:

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Sure, $26k sounds reasonable to produce a game.


Dont care if you (or your pal) believe me or not. Apparently you are a very special person to completely miss my whole point and focus on the one unimportant part only to call me a liar. But I suspect you are speaking for someone else anyway which is even more pathetic.

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years now. Mostly satisfied but lately I have been coming more and more to a similar opinion as this poster.

I never bothered to register for the forums because my complaints were fairly petty and my props would take the form of continued play and occasionally spending hard-earned money.

All that changes with this release. Put simply, the devs should be embarrassed by this one. I agree with most of Sassy’s comments. I’ve watched about a half dozen ads up to now and the best I’ve done for a reward is 300 gold. Most of my rewards have been 100 gold. That’s the equivalent to 1/3 of a gold key, or 1/3 of a common troop, 1/3 of a minor trait stone, etc.

Devs, it’s one thing to devalue your customers. It’s quite another to make us feel cheap. Start offering some value in exchange for our time and money or, as Sassy suggested, you’ll be wondering where all your players went.


I mean… kinda. If you gave $26,000 to your local food bank, they could have fed 10 families for an entire year.

Spending 26,000$ on the game or keeping it in the bank wouldn’t make a difference, the food bank wouldn’t see any of it.
By spending it on the game at least the developers/publisher got something to buy food out of it.

That is of course assuming that I dont donate any $ to charitable organizations. Assumptions are reckless and often wrong.

A different question that crawls through my mind (beside the one, why people think, it will make for better games, when they spend thousand dollars on a “free” gacha-game, they wouldn’t even pay twenty for if it was for puchase) would be the one, at which point it does become more cost-effective to pay a few gold farmers to play the game 24/7 for one instead of going for the ingame shop.

Is that a thinly veiled accusation?


2 more players from my guild are quitting at weeks end. I dont care what the devs’ analytics say (or what the devs claim they say) this game is hemorrhaging players at an alarming rate. From what I am hearing from friends in other guilds across all 3 major platforms, my guild isnt alone experiencing this.