Comfortably Numb and Misery Loves Company recruiting on Xbox One!


Hi. I’ve just started, lvl 168. but I can play pretty much every day and do 1500 seals easily + gold and trophies.



I sent you an invite


Looking for 3 players.


Am looking for a new guild to work with. current one is slowing down. Lvl is 500+ and can do easily hit the requirements.

Will send invite code in a few hours if interested. Looking to join a new guild in time for the gw.


Sounds good, man. We would love to have you. I just need your invite code, then :slight_smile:




Hey. I sent you an invite just now.


Looking for 1 player to join.


I’m looking. Just started but will work hard and donate everything I possibly can. Understand if I’m not far enough along yet though.

Invite code - EXORR_VX4A


What level are you?


49, gaining about 10 a day.


I’m going to message you directly, so we can talk a bit.


Looking for players in both Comfortably Numb and Misery Loves Company.


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