Comfortably Numb and Misery Loves Company recruiting on Xbox One!


Hi. I’ve just started, lvl 168. but I can play pretty much every day and do 1500 seals easily + gold and trophies.



I sent you an invite


Looking for 3 players.


Am looking for a new guild to work with. current one is slowing down. Lvl is 500+ and can do easily hit the requirements.

Will send invite code in a few hours if interested. Looking to join a new guild in time for the gw.


Sounds good, man. We would love to have you. I just need your invite code, then :slight_smile:




Hey. I sent you an invite just now.


Looking for 1 player to join.


I’m looking. Just started but will work hard and donate everything I possibly can. Understand if I’m not far enough along yet though.

Invite code - EXORR_VX4A


What level are you?


49, gaining about 10 a day.


I’m going to message you directly, so we can talk a bit.


Looking for players in both Comfortably Numb and Misery Loves Company.


Post Bump.


Hi - you still looking for players?
I’m lvl 670+ and rising. I consider myself a bit of a newbie as I played this game about 2yrs ago but didn’t really understand all the little bits to the game, I’m back playing for the past month or two and more into it now. I always do the 1500 seals, at least 100 seals, half of my kingdoms are lvl 10 and the other half are lvl 8 or 9 so I’d like to get that done. After that I will actively contribute as much gold as I earn near enough. I actively participate in all Guild Wars, Raids, Towers, invasions. My invite code is RICH_UTUI but I would say please send me a request on Monday - I will leave my current guild Sunday night. I would probably be better suited to the Misery Loves Company guild for now till I get the kingdoms built up first then my gold will be free to go into the guild coffers. I’d definitely use some tips on farming gold, souls and traitstones too… Many thanks. Rich


Hey, mate, I’m going to message you so we can talk in a bit more detail.