[CLOSED] Lvl 1152 looking for top guild

My minimal weekly stats are 1000 trophies and 2 million gold. 1500 seals normally on Tuesday. Maxed my kingdom power levels and prefer playing PVP. I am looking for a guild that unlocks 40k chest, completes lots of legendary tasks and is prepared for Guild wars. PM me if you have a spot available.

I have a spot open if still interested. Top 10 guild with 500k+ gold, 300+ trophies, 1.5k seals, and all guild sentinel max per week. We will also be competitive for new guild wars system and do multiple legendary tasks per week.

We completed 34 legendary tasks this week. (Unrepentant #12) we are rocketing up the rankings. 40k seals by Wednesday and we’ll be very competitive for guild wars :ok_hand:

Please pm @Aelthwyn if you’re interested in joining Anonymous.

Thanks all. Found a guild.

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