Closed for the time being

Hello, were looking for a guild who can get 40k seals a week, i contribute 1mil+ gold a week and over 500 trophies, and my friend can commit to a minimum of 300 trophies a week

We play on the Pc/Mobile

Hi Rabid,

You might want to list what platform you and your friend are playing on, so potential Guild Leaders can see.

Saw him on PC/mobile few minutes earlier.

thanks you for the advice haha

Our guild completed 9 legendary tasks and 40k seals last week.
reps:500k gold,300 trophy,1500 seal

If you are still looking, Tigerclaw currently has one spot open and should have another one available by the end of the week. Requirements are 500k gold, 1500 seals, 300 trophies weekly.

If you have found a guild then please close your thread by putting CLOSED, GUILD FOUND in title. Thanks