[CLOSED] DarkTaupeTrees Recruiting πŸ˜€


DarkTaupeTrees, a multi-level guild with members from the 1000s down, #1 in our bracket, are an active, friendly guild who like to help one another succeed. We are a fast rising guild currently mid 1500s in the League, and rising an average of 230 ranks per week.

You are an active team player who makes 1500 Seals weekly, keeps an active eye on Guild Chat, participates daily in all guild events, and contributes to Guild Tasks per your level (1k min). If you go inactive for a legitimate reason (such as vacation), you let me know in advance so you won’t be kicked.

If the above describes you, we’d love to have you be a part of our guild. PM me with your

  • Invite Code (found in the Settings menu)
  • Current level


  • For an Invite Code to work, you must not currently be in a guild
  • Ensure your IC is the most recent and you spell it correctly
  • Your invite will appear in your in-game mail.

– Gertrude, GM

[CLOSED] Recruiting TEMPORARY Members: a great opportunity for <None>s and those in inactive guilds
Looking for a guild, very active player

Active people makes active guild, so if you are in a lazy guild or looking for more active guild give this one a go. More people join the better!


Are you an active player? We have a spot open with your name on it!


We’ve moved up over 830 ranks in the League so far in the past three weeks alone! Come be a part of our success!


hi i would like to join, started like 3 days ago, am level 91 atm
i will max my seals weekly and try to join whatever event is going on atm, but some of them are quite hard for my current roster

i’d appreciate an invite HERA_EPHB


I sent you a PM earlier as the invite code you provided apparently β€œdoesn’t exist”. We have a spot for you, just waiting on the correct IC.


I’m a quite new player (lvl 85) but I think I can fit your requirements :slight_smile: and my current guild is quite dead :’(



Hi systho,

Invite sent. Welcome!


New player…lvl 138…still learning the basics of this game.

Got all maps opened ad trying to get them all up to lvl 5. Joined a guild which is almost dead.



Hi shubbydoo,

You have to leave your current guild before I can send you the Invite.


hi GertrudeOne… done


Invite sent, will be in your in-game mail. Welcome!


We have an opening!