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Click here if you like Kitties! (Guild Recruitment)

Kitties are recruiting!

Our guild was founded 190 ish days ago, we are currently rank 395.
We accept players of all levels and play styles.

The focus of our guild is to do the guild tasks so we all profit from each other’s effort.
There are no minimum requirements for donation and seals, but inactive members are removed after a period of time and so are freeloaders!

We use to get around 10000 seals each week, but due to activity drop we are not getting that anymore (hence the recruitment).
Guild war activity is appreciated but not a demand.

Send your invite code to me on XBL: Exiled Vahx


If I may suggest, I would definitely specify in the Headline that this is a recruitment thread.
… Currently, you will get people expecting pictures of kitties coming here (which do not help your cause) and people who might potentially be interested in your guild will probably never be aware of your guild.

Its in “Guild recruitment - Xbox”… Why would anyone expect pictures of kittens here

Oh, I completely overlooked that one. I could have sword I couldn’t see any classification when I looked at the thread.
Completely sorry about that. Looks like I’m trying to be helpful the wrong way at the wrong place :sweat_smile:
Mea culpa.