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Class update

I think the class system needs to be re-done a lot. Some of them are good and some are trash basically.

My idea is this. Every class should have access to all of the trees. To prevent people from picking the class with the best traits and the best things in the trees that work perfectly together and have everyone have just the same thing this is my idea further.

So every class should have access to all the different trees wind fire earth all of them and you can still only select three. The combination of them three though is what gives you the last trait. Like if you have Earth fire and water it’s one trait but if you have Earth fire and darkness it’s a completely different trait.doesn’t matter if it’s Earth fire and darkness or fire darkness Earth or whatever it doesn’t matter the combination just two combination of those three different trees.

And have them be different for every class so that every class is appealing with every combination instead of we are giving you this trait whether you like it or not.