Class removal from team

Hello. I wanted to ask if there is an option to remove your class from your team.

No, just change to another class. But it’s better to assign a class which requires 250 victories (even if a hero is not present in the team).

Do i get a talents bonus even though i don’t have a hero assigned to this team?

No. Hero has to actually be on the team to receive any of the class benefits.

No, if hero is not assigned you will not get the talents for the class. You will however still get just the wins to work towards the class weapon.

I don’t believe that’s true any more. Are you certain??? You don’t get the class xp if the hero isn’t there so there shouldn’t be any reason the battle should trigger toward the class weapon either. Unfortunately I have no outstanding class weapons to test that.

Unfortunately I don’t have any outstanding class weapons to test either. It certainly used to work like that, even though you got no class xp you still got wins towards the class weapon. Unless it has been changed with a recent update, it should still be the case.

It is still true. If you don’t use the hero, you get wins toward class weapon, but you don’t get any class exp.

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