Class Change Clock Reset

OK so as far as I know you are meant to get a free class change every 24 hours. However, if I chose to pay the 50 gems for a class change prior to waiting the 24 hours, why does the clock then reset to the time at which I paid the 50 gems?

Example, I make a change at 11pm on Monday. My next free change should therefore be 11pm Tuesday. However, on Tuesday at 9pm I decide to pay 50 gems for a class change. I believe I should still be entitled to a free change at 11pm on Tuesday, but the clock then resets saying that my next free change is 9pm Wednesday.

This means that not only have I paid 50 gems, but I have actually waited 46 hours for a free change (from 11pm Monday to 9pm Wednesday).

There’s not even an answer to “Why do I have to pay 50 gems to change it?”, so there’s even less of an answer to why the rule is “You can only change for free if you haven’t changed within 24 hours.”

Or, well, there is an answer, it just has no explanation. Changing your class more than once in a day is “a bad play pattern”. That’s all we have.

You know what else is a bad play pattern? “Buying shop tiers in class events”. I really don’t recommend it, you don’t get back what you put in unless it is the Titan class. Every other class is “a bad dev pattern”.