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Clan Orb Question

I was talking to a guild mate and he said that these can be used to go over the weekly limit. I was wondering if anyone else can confirm this and if so how many can you stack in a week?

Yes, I can confirm this. As far as I know, there is no limit to how many you can stack in a week. We’ve had people in our guild use multiple orbs in a week and they all count.

You’ll want to make sure you maximize your seals through regular collection before you use your orbs though.


Yes it work for your total but not for guild total

No, it works for guild total, too. Our guild was able to get to 40,000 with a bunch of us using Orbs of Clans when we were down a couple players during the last mythic-exclusive week.

I mean when the guild reach 40k it doesn’t go higher if you use orb of clan

It works, and it’s unlimited, but there are practical limits, let me explain.

Let’s say your guild is at 30,000 seals, and you are at 1,500 for the week. Then you use a Major Orb of Clans, which is worth 1,500 seals. Here is how that will be reflected in various places:

  • Your clan’s progress will now be 31,500 for the week.
  • In the roster, you will be displayed as having collected 3,000 seals this week.
  • In the chests screen, you will have 3,000 seals to spend on opening guild chests.
  • On the Seals screen in your guild, you will display having collected 1,500 out of 1,500 seals for the week.

So what this basically means is you ALWAYS get the seals to spend for opening chests, but in one of the UI spots the largest number it will display is 1,500.

Now, what happens if you go nuts in that situation and spend 10 Major Orbs of Clans? Let’s walk through it. The clan has 30,000 seals. You have 1,500 seals. You spend 10 orbs worth a total of 15,000 seals.

  • Your clan’s progress is now 40,000 for the week, even though the clan has collected 45,000 seals.
  • In the roster, you will have collected 16,500 seals.
  • You will have 16,500 seals to open chests with.
  • On the seals screen, you will show 1,500 seals collected.

This is consistent. The Seals screen caps at 40,000 for the guild and 1,500 for you. Even if you do collect more, it won’t display more. Every other screen is only concerned with what really happened, so it will display the real number.


Every seal spent once your clan hits 40k is a bit of a waste, as it only helps you and not them. So be mindful.


Personal confirmation as to what @Stan wrote. It gets added toword your 40k Guild total.

You sure about that? Cause i also tried last week and it didin’t work

I think you’re both saying the same thing. It adds to your guild total until the guild hits 40,000. Personal quota on the guild roster can increase above 1500, but the guild total never shows an amount higher than 40,000.


Yep. 100% tested and confirmed, but I noticed I needed to close and reopen the Guild menu for it to display properly in the Guild total.

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