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Chinese law will force developers to reveal loot box drop rates

I wonder how many Chinese are playing Gems of War?

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@Dave there has to be some that play it but there are none posted on the map. Maybe they just don’t frequent the forum.

Edit : https://www.mapcustomizer.com/map/Gems%20of%20War%20All%20Over%20the%20World2

i hope they gonna do it here, some odds might be discouragingly low but i still prefer to know.

How will chinese government have the authority to enforce its laws in other countries? I thought the devs only had to follow their country’s laws regarding game development.

China doesn’t have that authority. But in the future if you want to distribute your game in China you’ll have to play ball with the regulation next year. So even if a company details their drop rate in Chinese on a local server. It will be translated and posted elsewhere around the would. I suppose they could have “China only” drop rate. That probably won’t go over too well.

I can see this not going well for their (Prime minister?) highest authority figure of the land.