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Maybe devs will lose the market in china?

It looks like the game were copycatted straight from GEMSOFWAR,i think if devs cant release chinese version in time,they will lose much of the chinese market share.IMG_20171229_140318IMG_20171229_140253IMG_20171229_140204IMG_20171229_140225IMG_20171229_140137


It’s not the first time we have been cloned, and it won’t be the last!

We do think it’s very pretty, though.


Wow same color and desing this is crazy

So i guess devs dont attach importance to the Chinese market? :thinking:

Well, they at least were creative with the animals in the banners.

Foxes are usually associated with fire and with the dark arts/subterfuge/trickery = Red/Purple.
Raccoons (tanuki) are also tricksters and strongly connected with the earth = Brown/Purple.
Rabbits are also strongly associated with earth and their fertility is associated with sacred/holy aspects of life = Yellow/Brown.

Also, i think their version of “Luther” is more appealing to teach us the basics of the game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I dare @Sirrian to change his avatar into this lady’s face for a week!!!

I lived in China for 3 years to know that this is the style gamers there prefer, over fancy simplified UIs.

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Quite the opposite… we’d love to do something with the Chinese market this year - Gems of War is the right style of game, but certainly needs a good amount of culturalization (not just translation) to be a perfect fit.

I think @Saltypatra’s main point was that if a team lacks the creative vision to do something original, they’re usually also lacking the creative vision to guide it into successful & interesting places… so clones have never worried us too much. If we look back at Puzzle Quest - it had a lot of unsuccessful clones… the REALLY successful games were evolutions of that gameplay, like Puzzle & Dragons. (the same way that Puzzle Quest was an evolution of Bejewelled).


oh,i see .thank you for the reply.:smile:

…And yet, I cannot deny that them having a bunny kingdom is an amazing fact. Because come on, bunny kingdom!


While we can’t promise a bunny kingdom, we can say we’d like some more Lapinas in the game to join Tezca.


Lapinaaaas looks like Christmas just keeps coming.


That’s something I would absolutely love! More bunnies make everything better and Wildfolks are right now more a random bunch than a real race. Let the bunnies overrun Krystara! (And honestly, I would love more characters with Tesca’s personality, too. She was one of the few storyline characters who didn’t depend on the hero to do the work.)

This game seems to be a serious competitor than just a copycat…
Moreover, this game could be a perfect fitting for the chinese market…
It’s going to be difficult to compete with them…

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I’s also nice to see how many informations they get on the cards without covering the art.

I’m not chinese, but I don’t think they need to have their own mythology spoon-feed to them by a foreign game. Maybe they will like something Western-flavoured, it’s so exotic!

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Two things:

One, GoW isn’t doable in China because they can’t stand actual skulls in anything. Check out League of Legends, count the skulls. No real skulls, or full-blown skeletons (another no-no).

Two, I can see the Attack / Armor / Life / Magic on that UI waaaaay better than on ours… maybe they just haven’t set the entire team on fire yet.


You gotta hand it to these chineses. That game looks very good.


Side Note: Richard Garfield (creator of Magic: the Gathering) has released a game, Bunny Kingdom. Looks pretty good, and it’s on my shortlist of Board Games to acquire!


It’s not a very good clone, it looks like they had an art team.

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We had a couple of players from China in our guild, brother and sister, very nice and friendly. Unfortunately, neither of them was interested in PvP or GW and they both went MIA at around level 200 after finishing all quests and most of challenges right before the Unity update. IIRC, they used some kind of VPN, don’t know the specifics. There were no issues with skulls or anything like that, they both really loved the art and style. Main reason for leaving was that they ran out of content and did not want to go into something more stressful. I tried to explain that PvP is not “real PvP” and there is no penalty for losing but it did not work.

I wish we had such board games in Germany… or that I would have someone to play board games with in the first place. Because dang, I’d buy a game named ‘Bunny Kingdom’ immediately.:open_mouth: