Will the Chinese version be released with shentang synchronously?

@Sirrian may you tell us that chinese translation edition’s release date?thank you very much.

Hi Melissa, we don’t have a date yet… it should be close to Shentang’s release, we hope, but not quite exactly at the same time, I don’t think.

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oh,i see. thank you for reply :grin:

Just curious: will Chinese localization be in 3.4 update?

I’m not a dev, but here is a bold prediction:

Every time the game boots up, a small file is downloaded. The devs have said that this contains localization information. This file recently (in the last week, I think) went from 430kB to 550kB. What did they add to their localization files? My guess is the Chinese language!

You have not experienced Gems of War unless you have played it in the original Klingon.


baS nuv lugh tugh tu’ maH!

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Just confirming that yes, Simplified Chinese is coming with the 3.4 Update.