Chest Content Info Button

I have been playing a looooong time and would still LOVE to see this feature.
To be clear, I am NOT asking for drop rates, which I know devs do not want to disclose.

What I AM asking for is a button on the chest screen, maybe a circle with a “?” inside of it that when pressed merely brings up a splash screen with a vertical scroll bar which lists ALL troops in the chest alphabetically.

I know there are sites that do this, but this seems like a reasonable feature to have in game so I do not have to leave the game to go looking for this information.

Just my 2 cents… :wink:


Um there are 400 troops and counting. Don’t think that would be very easy, unless I’m misreading your request.

Fair enough, then a list of troops NOT currently in each respective chest.

Also, Gold only has commons and rares so not 400

Glory, does not include Commons, not 400

Gem does not include Common or Rare, not 400

But regardless some IN GAME means of knowing what is INSIDE the chets would be extremely helpful.


I think simply adding a button that shows troops added to each chest that week would suffice. As you pointed out, it’s easy to determine what rarities each chest hold. It sounds like you are wanting to know more about when troops are added. At least that’s what I get from it. And I agree, it would be a nice feature.

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Doesn’t this already tell you what is and isn’t in each chest…?

Troops released in glory packs are supposed to enter general chests four weeks after the event ends. However, they are occasionally accidentally omitted from one or more type of chests completely. This has now happened more than once. This thread is a request for a bit of transparency so that it would be more obvious when an oversight was made. Knowing what is not in chests (of the things of the rarities that can actually drop in the chest) is much more relevant info here. Then it would be on the player to perform a cursory check and say “hey, Totem Guardian isn’t in gold chests right now, and he was released on July 10” before opening tens of thousands of gold keys, clicking on their collection and discovering a troop that should have been ascendable to mythic with plenty of extra copies is exactly where it was before.

That being said, they are unlikely to devote the time to do this, or even expose this much information to players. However, it is pretty clear they need more rigorous testing process for making sure the appropriate troops are in chests at any given time (among other things).