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We need chest troop drop information

Now with the campaign, it’s ever more important to have an indication of which troops drop from which chests and which don’t drop at all. In-game. Don’t really care where but i suggest on all unowned troops (extra icon or whatever indicating from which chest it drops). Another way is simply in the chest menu, like the drop rates. Also, if it doesn’t drop from chests yet, there should be a “release date” for when it gets added.

It’s really frustrating to blast through keys when suddenly rumours say the troop isn’t even in the drop table yet. I spent all my Vault keys last week after the event because the Heart of Rage suddenly appeared in my unowned list, assuming it was dropping. Well, i now hear that it doesn’t yet (can you confirm?). Amazing.


It’s nonsense to force everyone to find IMPORTANT info spread across the website. Imagine playing Call of Duty and the rules for game modes or achievements are not mentioned in-game but instead you need a tablet next to you to have an idea.


When I saw “he is part of a very special soul forge recipe” I imagined something creative. Not a pile of $50 power orbs type of laziness.

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I suppose they should also indicate that

  • Xathenos, Zuul’Goth, Enraged Kurandara cannot drop from chests
  • Imps cannot drop from chests out of season
  • Gnomes cannot drop from chests
  • Guild Wars reward troops cannot drop from chests
  • any others I have missed

The 3rd category is important - because Heart of Rage is a Vault Troop and those have always only been given by defeating Cedric. I haven’t been playing this game long enough to know if anyone has complained about gnomes not being in chests…


You’re absolutely right that it should be indicated. If we already have doubts and unclarities, imagine complete new players…

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:thinking: :vulcan_salute:


I’ll trade you one of my Doomclaws for some gems lol. I had to use 150 VIP keys for Mambauseless, down to a couple thousand now :frowning:

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I think you wanted to reply to AMT actually :smiley:

Deal: used 5400 gems in event keys to catch Skadi a few weeks back anyway…

…not as expensive as 150 VIP keys though.
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Wait. What? I got a notification that you replied to me but now i notice you actually replied to AMT. Nvm :exploding_head:

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I hit the button to reply to AMT lol, its done that a couple of times recently.