List of chest contents?

Is there a site or thread that lists chest contents every week (or on days like today) so we don’t have to carefully watch the agonizingly slow slideshow for all the chests?

I update it each week

I don’t know what I’m looking at.

Is there a master list somewhere and the thread is to supplement that?

If I want to know what’s in Gold chests (for example) what would I do?

There isn’t a dynamic list anywhere, so you need to do a little bit of work to figure it out (but it’s not too bad):

Open your troop list in game and change the filter to “Show All” (this shows every released troop in the game, regardless of whether you own it or not). Every common and rare troop on that screen should be in gold chests except for anything on Rasper’s list.

For other types of chest, you just need to know the range of troop-types that are available and do the same (Glory chests are anything but commons; gem chests are anything but commons and rares).

If you’re on console, let me know and I’ll show you where our list is.

Sorry, I play on PC/Mobile.

I appreciate this, I guess this is what I wanted to know, but didn’t know that’s what I wanted to know!

So can I clarify and you can edit/correct:
Every chest – All troops available according to chest rarity, every week. [Not counting new releases that may not be in yet.]

Exception: Event chest has a specific list

Is that correct? Or is VIP also an exception?

(Guild Guardians are their own exception, I understand that.)

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Yes, that is correct. And no, VIP is no special exception.

This community has been great, and a good community creates a lot of positive synergy with a game…
I wish I didn’t have to ask these questions, though.


No sweat. The game is complex enough that it often leaves folks confused when starting out. Just pay it forward when the next person hits a snag :wink:

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