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Cheat or Glitch

Those photos have posted in community wall on PS 4 , I wonder how or why its happening ???

I believe that developers team should remove those troops from people so its fair for others .


I get that too once in awhile. It usually happens the next battle after i open chests, and the troop (i only got one each time) were one of those i received in the chests. I never checked to see if the amount in the troops menu increased as they were lower troops i rarely use. I’m assuming it’s a visual bug? Xbox one here btw.

@Ozball, visual bug?

I had this happen on PS4. I opened some chests and then those troops I “received” from the chests appeared as “rewards” from the next match I did regardless of whether it was PvP, Dungeon etc

Hi all, from what we can see this is a purely visual bug and people are not getting extra troops from battle. We are investigating a solution for it.

EDIT: also this seems to be tied to exiting the chest menu before the chests finishing opening. So making sure you see the summary list of your chest results before exiting the chest menu should prevent this from occurring.


Thanks Oz I should have specified I did NOT get any “extra” troops as you mentioned. It just showed the troops I had recently opened / received. It has not happened since the “hot fix” was pushed out either that I can recall.


Ok thank you Ozball

While you’re in the dungeon, there’s another minor visual bug some of us have noticed. I didn’t report it because it doesn’t affect gameplay but like I said, while you’re in there…

When fighting a Dungeon team, the defenders’ banner and team name are identical to your #1 spot team’s banner and team name! The team itself seems unchanged, full of dungeon-only troops as usual. Just the banner & team name.

This started about 2 weeks ago or whenever the update was that fixed the GW defense teams not-sticking bug. For me at least it has been happening with every Dungeon battle ever since.

Don’t know if the defender is getting the banner bonuses (which would generally be disadvantageous for them if they replaced the team’s ‘real’ banner) but the bug does not affect gameplay in any way that I can see.

Happy hunting! :bug:

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I had the visual bug yesterday. Open 1 event key and got ketras. When I went to collect seals, it then notified me I got ketras as well. I checked my troops and sadly no double ketras.