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Changes for Guild Wars

I have never really been a fan of Guild Wars or PvP in Gems of War. But that is more my personal gaming preference as I always liked PvE more.

But as the guild i’m in has climbed up the ranks/brackets, I feel that regardless of the guild, or what color the day is, I am always fighting the exact same defense teams over and over. Everyone always seems to be using the same 4 troops every day for every battle. And i’ve fallen into that some monotonous rut where I see what team the enemy is using, so I pick the same team over and over that has best chance of counteracting that team. I’m not even using any variation anymore.

With that in mind here are some possible changes to Guild Wars to make it more “interesting”.

Possible Change #1 - Guild Wars becomes a more evolved form of how Delves are done.

Basically you can only use troops that have the color of that day. So on Red day, you can only use red troops on your defense teams and attack teams.

And to go further with this, you can only use 1 of each troop per team, per guild war.

So on Red day, you put a Tesla in your defense team, that blocks Tesla from being used in your attack team and it blocks it from being used on Blue day in your attack/defense teams. If you try to use it again, the troop is greyed out as if you don’t own it, so it either you can’t select it or if you paste someone else’s team code it leaves a blank slot. Same thing happens if you try to put multiples of a troop on the same team.

You will basically be required to use different troops every Guild Wars and have 6 unique defense teams (that are locked in place and can’t be changed) and if you create an attack team then decide to switch it (or switch specific troops out) because it won’t work well against your next opponent, those previous troops become usable for the rest of that day along with the new troops you switched to (for the rest of the week) once the day is over. The same would go for the hero weapons.

Possible Change #2 - Guild Wars becomes similar to Arena mode.

In that, when you go to create a defense/attack team for that day it chooses 3 random troops of that day’s color from your owned troops 3 times to fill 3 of the troop slots. On the 4th time, you are given the option of choosing to use 4th random troop or your hero with a random weapon of that day’s color. And every troop as an equal chance of selected regardless of its rarity/level.

With an option to either Reroll the team or Reroll 2 specific troops of your choosing.

There are 1,009 troops and 409 different weapons in the game and it feels like everyone is using the same 25-50 troops all the time. So this would add more variation and battles would come down to luck of a good team draw and then skill of using that team effectively.

Possible Change #3 - Permanent troop death on Attack Teams

So similar to a Delve again, in which when you lose a troop/hero weapon on your Attack team it stays dead and can’t be used for the next battle(s) of that day and/or the next day/rest of the Guild Wars. And if you lose that battle, the entire team is dead and can’t be used again for the entirety of the day/rest of the Guild War.

But, before starting your next battle you can replace that troop with another one.

Defense teams remain as they are and you can setup them up however you like.

Possible Game Change #4 - You choose your opponent

You are shown a list of all the members of the enemy Guild. But it doesn’t show you anything about them, just their name. No level, no avatar pic, their team setup is a mystery and you have to choose 5 different people.

Now to add to this (as a way to somewhat prevent Guild members who’ve fought battles telling others who the “easy” fights are), the battles are in a random order, and it doesn’t show you the name of who you’re battling. You just know its 1 of the 5 you chose.

Possible Change #5 - Delve style map for Guild Wars

This one is more of cosmetic change, but you still get some choice in your opponent.

You still have to fight 5 battles, its a Delve Map of a castle, where the battles are tiered (like a tournament bracket) and each battle has a path that leads to 1 of 2 other battles.

It starts with the Soldier battles, in which there are 6 randomly selected battle options from the Soldiers of the opposing Guild. The Soldier battles are the only ones you can see who all your opponents are/troops being used so you can select/plan a path. You pick 1 and if you win, you move up a path to where you have 1 or 2 options of Vanguard battles and so on, through Herald, Champion, and finally Paragon.

Now you won’t be able to see any who the other opponents are/their troops that aren’t part of your selected path or until you reach that tier, but if you fail, you can either chose to refight the battle you lost or pick the other opponent to fight instead (if you picked the path that lead to 2 opponent options). Now this only applies to the Soldier, Vanguard and Herald battles as there are at least 3 or more of them. When it comes to the Champion battles whatever path you chose will only lead you to 1 of 2 Champions.

Poorly made example of the map:

         /      \
        4         4
      /   \      /   \
     3     3     3    3
   /   \  /  \ /  \  /  \ 
  2     2     2    2     2 
 / \   / \   / \  / \   / \  
1    1     1     1     1   1

Thoughts? Changes to make these better?

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1 . I like this idea, may would bring some variety to the defense teams.
2 . Downright terrible. I see the real hardcore players disenchant all their useless troop just to have a better pool to draw from. And they can do this whenever they maxed out that troop since it once was counted toward power level and you don’t need it any more. See the Bandit fiasco.
3 . An interesting one again. Could add some spice.
4 . Doesn’t seems like too much improvement.
5 . I love this one!

But the real problem with gw is not the teams, but the bracket system. Basically anybody who is not in the first 10-12 bracket gets nothing from the event, even if they are first in their bracket. The work your way up to the top thing also not feasible. It can took years to reach bracket 15 where something start to happen. Till that you are just wading through dead guilds.

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There are some very interesting ideas here. But not for Guild Wars. But a new pvp ish content - that isnt a guild event.
Making Guild Wars harder or more interesting, will make those that already hate Guild Wars hate it even more.
The guild wars’ many many brackets are there because the devs don’t know how to or won’t remove all the many many dead guilds that fill the brackets. Would be funny to know how many brackets there actually would be if the dead guilds were removed.

I made my guild 2,5 years ago and we are in bracket 81 now I believe. Only the last few Guild Wars have been a challange, where we had to fight about 1st place, alsi6 because it can be a struggle to have a full guild. BUT there have NEVER been more than Maximum 4 guilds in a bracket that are in there to win. The rest are dead guilds.
But yes we are all putting our best defense teams up, because we want to make it as difficult for the opponent guild to win. And as an example, many are using Moon Rabbit to defend on blue day because it converts blue to yellow.