Changed guilds on Monday bad ui & bug costs me a weeks guild revenue

I left my old dying guild to find a new guild with active members and higher rank/level of guild to join.

I joined approx 15-20 guilds then after reviewing the roster / progress left those guilds before eventually finding the guild I decided to stay in.

My previous long term guild did the blue statue up to 8 /12 and red/blue up to like 4/12 on the Monday before I left.

I gained no further statue rewards from these other 15 - 20 guilds I joined for 1 minute before leaving again but some had high statues of red/yellow/green etc

I finally settle into my new guild add loads of money to the statues in the order the want them leveled to 12/12 each week and Boom get tonnes of claim messages like this.

screenshot showing gems of war guild fails

Game pretending I have claimed every statue reward this week robbing me of all my gold contributed due to bugs.

If the UI on guild joining showed stats you want to know so you would not have to join 20 guilds to find they are derelict, or worthless low level ones then I would not have this problem.

Please Devs sort thew guild join UI out so it shows active member status plus level of guild and level of statues without you having to join to find that out.

And also sort the bug of missing rewards due to joining guild with higher/lower tier statues than you have ACTUALLY claimed.

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