(Fixed) [Guildtask_Type_Statue_1]

I’ve been seeing [Guildtask_Type_Statue_1] when receiving mail about Blue statue tasks being completed:

This is on Windows 7, the Steam version of the game.

Same on Xbox…



didnt notice it when it was general donation but is here when its from single guildie.

if it matters then im windows 10 pc and also steam version

Same on Android

Happened for me on iOS.

Sure would be nice if the software industry had developed techniques over the past 30 years designed to protect oneself from regressions. Just imagine how much time is wasted fixing this issue every time something’s tweaked, and what could be done instead if it were caught and fixed early!


This wasn’t caused by a regression issue :slight_smile:

Sorry about this folks, we fixed it as soon as we could.