Guild Issues for Vendetta rank 27 in top guilds (PS4)

I had a amusing response from a representative when I looked at it today. Where they essentially told me guild statues were working as intended. You see for example a troop having 30 life before a statue then 30 after a statue is completed, doesn’t say its working as intended …

We are also having issues daily between guild members and their points not being generated correctly, nor win/loss being accurately displayed.

We have also had numerous issues where it misrepresented the number of members in the guild.

Just makes me wonder how many issues does a guild need to have concurrently before developers say ‘hey lets take a look’? Maybe we need 10. So 8 more to go!

I am writing here in hopes if any developer roams the forums. If they could really look into why statue bonuses are not applying. And why we keep having issues with GW points and win/loss. At least the issue of misrepresented number of members seems to be fixed. Or its just in hiding for the time being.

(Yes I did file a support ticket, but I am essentially being told its working as intended. That really isn’t the best way to do support.)

If I told people in my job that its working as intended when its not, without even checking, I would be fired. Its nice to see that game companies can exist in this way.

That’s interesting. A number of us have complained about the guild statue bonuses not working and it was finally added to the known issues list a couple weeks ago. Status: investigating.

My bonuses seem to randomly come and go from time to time, but 95% of the time, they are not there. It seems to be restricted to PS4, but seems to be affecting everyone.

The ghost member bug is an old one, but support should be familiar with that and able to clear it up once they’re notified.

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@Stan Yes just starting to get old when I try reporting these issues and support just essentially talking like its working as intended. The ghost member one hasn’t popped up in some time. Think between myself and old guild leader there were about 5 tickets for it. 3 of those being from myself. Seems to be taking a rest currently. Though I am sure with how many times its appeared if it hasn’t been fixed by now. We will win the lottery again there. And yes for about 5 weeks now they have been failing to apply their bonuses. And we tend to complete between 2-4 weekly. So that’s a lot of bonuses we should have had, and never got as a guild. It will be interesting to say the least in how they address the issues with GW and missed points and incorrect win/loss. I do like this game a lot. And I am actually very patient. And its even starting to get on my last nerves. Months of this or months of many other issues fumbling about. I do wonder when the developers will really see they need to start being more active in these fixes. For example maybe WoW isn’t the greatest for everyone. However if there is a serious exploit or major issue. They roll out a hotfix that day or with a few days. Lately we are lucky if major issues are addressed in a timely manner for GoW. And instead get served ‘hey look what we’ve been working on’. It might take them months of ‘investigating’ guild statues before someone takes 30 minutes to find they forgot to write 2 lines of code.

Exactly the same for us. For guilds that always do all 6, I wonder if they even notice. For me though, it really hurts when the guild finishes the purple statue for the first time in a few weeks and I get nothing. I really appreciate that extra two magic, or I would if I could ever count on having it…


@Stan When it does get fixed I am sure they will just pipe happily to those affected ‘it is now fixed … rejoice’. Without even considering the time and effort many guilds undertake to complete these statues. IE this is why you have been seeing me in the PvP top 100 lately. Many in my guild are getting dismayed at not having these bonuses. So they will do around their requirement for the guild, and then stop. whereas before they did a lot more. So in this light I have taken it upon myself to pick up that effort. And knock out some trophies. And if some say its silly if some members do less trophies because there is no bonuses. Those people would need to be reminded many players depend on these bonuses to fight the harder teams. So that they can do better overall. Without them it becomes more of a chore. And I know about that logic since I used to be one of them. I fully appreciated bonuses when I was needing them for an edge. And made things easier. Now at my level they are nice but wouldn’t say hurt me if they go missing. So all this does is hinder the efforts of the low level members in the guild that really could use them.

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I can’t argue with what you’re saying. I haven’t mentioned anything to my guildmates and I’m honestly not sure if many have even noticed. I think it is more discouraging to know that you should have the bonuses and not get them. Without them, the extra gold it costs to get that last level of a task really isn’t worth it.


I still do it for the ones unaware of the issue. For those in the guild who are then they know better. So I just do it to keep the ones unaware happy. And least it still gives something in the end. Shhh don’t talk so loud -heh-

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The bonuses are there, it’s the timers not displaying correctly.

So you’re telling us your stats have stayed the same? I can check 4 times by going in and out of the menu and it will be different every time.

But when I play a match, my stats are where they are supposed to be.

@Saltypatra, can we get confirmation on what exactly is happpening here?

Are there no bonuses being given or are they there and the timer is not displaying?

Hey everyone, I’ll look into this further on Monday when everyone is back in office so we can find out what’s happening.


I have checked this multiple times. If the timer is displaying, I am getting my stats in battle. If the timer is not displaying (which is the vast majority of the time), I am not getting my bonuses.

I have literally done a battle to check my stats, donated to complete a 12th task which was not completed in the past week, gone back into battle and no new Stat bonus. Going in and out of the guild menu can sometimes cause the timers to show or not. I don’t see any rhyme or reason to it.

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This needs to be fixed as it is nothing new, we do all 6 weekly but I never noticed bc my power score has stayed the same. When ur comes down to it at my level, there’s bonuses don’t add much. The 5 stars and all to 10 help wat more.

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I think for guilds that always do all the tasks, you wouldn’t notice anything. It was only when my guild didn’t do the purple statue for a couple weeks and my Amira was 1 point short of one-shotting Mabs sometimes that I was really missing that purple bonus. So when the guild called that statue to do first in a week, I was excited, finished it off myself and… nothing.


Now that’s when it bites you in the rear, we need this corrected asap!!

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Yes and support just answered me with ‘you do not see the bonus because you always get it weekly’. That only works if you complete the statues on Monday for my guild sometimes takes us from wed-fri to even complete our first one. And the bonus from last week does not go 1 1/2 weeks … heh. Funny reply from support. Made me almost want to add it to a screenshot for later humor. IE when we complete the bonus for life our life stays the same before and after. And the last weeks bonus has already dropped off by then.

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So read the reply from GoW support and they said everything looks fine on their side. And this issue is not simply an issue that I have observed. Rather most in my guild have been mentioning it as well. I wonder how much time will pass before its accepted that something is wonky? The guild has had this issue for 5 weeks and counting now, and the support ticket is over a week old.

This picture was taken on Monday (before picture) :before

This picture was taken just recently on Tuesday around 6 PM when blue and red were completed (after picture) :after

Support mentioned maybe it was just a issue on my end. Yet most in my guild report the same issue. Unless there is some globalized localization of a issue. If anyone didn’t get globalized localization it was sarcasm. They also mentioned it seemed like everything was fine on their end. -hmmm- Okay. The pictures surely do not show that everything is fine. And guildies have also showed me pictures or talked to me about it. Sometimes we have completed statues all the way into Thursday and the stats are all the same even then.

@Saltypatra I understand things take a while to investigate but if this support is any indication. They can not even see what is going on. Really would appreciate someone checking instead of saying ‘looks fine’. Because obviously something is wonky. IE Sometimes takes us 9-11 days to complete statues and they all show before and after with the same stats. And bonuses do not last 9 days or longer. P.S. I do understand the GW thing is widespread and I know for myself I’ve lost a few battles that I actually won. Support only gave me 5,000 gold as compensation. 5,000 gold to a GoW player is like a penny. I would have been happier if they hadn’t sent me 5,000 gold at all. Its not compensation for losing over 3,000 points in GW.

Just a quick reminder, support responses are generally not allowed on the forums as per the Community Guidelines.

Umm… I’m confused… don’t you have to complete all 12 tasks for a statue within a single week to get the bonus?

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I think they mean that it isn’t like all statues are being completed every week as they are in the most active guilds. My guild is similar in that we pick two different colors to complete first every week, so the bonuses dropping off as time expires and coming back as statues are completed should be noticable.

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Yes @Stan you are correct. @Ozball If you consider 7 days to start the new week. Then apply Tues-Thu for one to be completed ie 9-11 days. It was in representation that bonuses last 1 week (7 days). The additional numbers were simply to show that the time in which we do a bonus exceeds the time of 7 days. Not sure how that was confusing. And while you linked a post by Salty the main purpose is there isn’t so much a problem, rather seeking her assistance. As she helps others here with multiple types of issues especially if it already has a ticket. If they can do so what is restricting me from asking her for help? Your post almost seems to indicate that I am seemingly disallowed or that I am drumming up drama. There is no drama or ‘omg how horrible are you all’ etc etc. Over I just seek a bit of her help. Please when you link things next time know the difference and how things mentioned are being referenced. Thank you. (Not trying to be mean to you just honest. So if it seems mean my apologies.) As per the support text I could copy it in its entirety to fully display that it is not being misunderstood. Hence the poke to Salty here to see if she might be able to help. As far as escalation I have asked for it in that same ticket and it remains in the same hands as it started with. So figured escalation of the issue was not possible, as I had already asked for it. Though maybe my inquiry for escalation in using the crude mention of ‘poke’ was misunderstood. Just usually when someone pokes around data it requires more than a representative. I should be more mindful in the future to reference things in a less obfuscated way, even with how simplistically clear it sounds to myself.

I may have formatted my post badly. I should have separated the post into two parts. (I’ve edited to try and separate them a bit more. The point about the community guide lines was in reference to you quoting responses from support further up the thread. I wasn’t intending to suggest you were stirring up drama or anything (apologies if anyone got that impression), it’s just the Community Guidelines specifically say “No Posting PM’s or Support Responses without Permission”.

Requesting help from Salty is perfectly fine (as you said, others have done so as well), and hopefully she’ll be able to help out.

@Ozball No post contained herein is partially or directly referencing the response from support. The response above is simply a summary of it. I will no longer respond as this is even going out of context for this thread. I do wish to keep this on track. Thank you for your reply. Just its more out of context than I wish to discuss. If you re-read my posts you will see it as only a summary of what was said. So really do me a favor and please keep this thread on target over taking things past what they are.

What you take out of context as verbatim things like ‘Where they essentially told me guild statues were working as intended.’ Which is a summary of the conversation only. Yet you respond as if its ‘The point about the community guide lines was in reference to you quoting responses from support further up the thread.’ A summary is and never will be a exact wording, or even a partial wording. It is a summary.

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