Change Ragnagord's Cast

To read what it actually does for the AI…

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In all seriousness.
I’d like to see traits expanded on.
6 Traits per Troop with 2 traits that apply only to offense, 2 for only defense, and 2 for both.

I want 6, but will settle for 5. :blush:

In theory, this will expand the options of troops that can actually be used in Guild Wars at the very least. At this time there are 433 available troops. Maybe, 50 of them are actually viable for war.

Please devs, don’t cite data that states otherwise because it’s corrupted by too many dead guilds in GW. I’m referring to level 1000 players that have 90% of the troops. Levels below 1k use troops that are weak or useless literally because they don’t have any better options. Or haven’t played in months so you’re seeing troops that were only available then.

My apologies if I sound like a whiny end gamer. I sincerely believe 6 Traits would make the game more interesting for all players. Will earn the devs more profit (More traits=More TS). And with all the current experience bonuses… a player can go from Noob to End Gamer in months instead of years now.

For example the best troop in the game would be retraited to something like this.

  1. All Elementals become immune to burn (Passive)
  2. All Elementals do double skull Damage against burning enemies (Active)
  3. 4-5 gem matches cause burn to all enemy troops (Both)
  4. Create a Fire Storm when an ally dies (Passive)
  5. Create a Dark Storm when an enemy troop dies (Active)
  6. Gain +5 to magic after being Mana Drained (Both)

Active would only apply when the player uses the troop.
Passive would be when the AI is using it on defense.
Both applies to offense and defense.


When you’re starting your argument with “I think that X is true, and if you have data proving me wrong, then I’m preemptively throwing it out”, then there’s not much room left for discussion. You have to allow for the possibility that you’re wrong.

I 100% agree that after a certain point, most defense teams tend towards being a very small pool of units, and the game needs to do something to dynamically incentivize changing it up. However, I’m don’t believe that cards are rigged to work differently for the AI, or that the devs are incapable of filtering data.


That wasn’t anywhere near my point of the topic. I don’t think it’s rigged. I never use Famine on offense cause it’s too slow. It could very well with Ragnagord get as many extra turns for the player as it does for the AI. As Salty, would say, “I was being cheeky”.
The real feature request is the addition of more traits.

I don’t know where you reside. But in 'Merica. That’s literally the best way to debate. Remove all facts or information that could contest your point before the opposition can even bring it to the table. :grin:

Perhaps i didn’t get the point. But if you really want 6 traits per troop, i have to say no.
Sry. No more traits. How should this work? Some troops might become unbeatable, because they did not expect some movements or a bug makes something else. It could make the game unplayable. Then the whole community cries that everybody is going to use a special troop until it will be fixed and many gamers might retire. Not to forget, that endgamers are able to get most of the traits at once. Newbies might resign. So i can not support this.
But to make GW easier for lowlevels it could be like arena. No traits usable. How about this? GW should not have any dead guilds. You have to sign in your guild every week.

6 Traits to diversify the options more. Not to make troops OP. Only 4 traits would actually apply at once.
Too many troops are UP (under powered).

then you would have to split some traits like fortitude
Immune to stun, poison, disease, death mark and devour.
Don’t you think?
And you are right. Too many troops are underpowered. But you have to see a difference between troops myth, legendary and so on.

Thanks @Hoeshy. Sometimes I have issues putting all my thoughts on paper. I have since edited the original post to include an example of exactly what I’m thinking.

I agree. The Common-Mythic scale should still be the overall practice. The multiple traits on Commons would still be weak.
My idea is pretty much to have the troops balance each other out to prevent OP and UP. The best counter for an Infernus on Defense would be one on Offense. Something like that I think.

TDS is getting nerfed solely because of his traits.
Instead of rebalancing the entire troop. They could make Necromancy and Ressurect only apply to offense (active). Leave Mana shield for both. And come up with 3 traits to balance it out.
Something as simple as adding more traits could make a deep game like GoW be incredibly deeper. There could be traits like Dwarfs that all apply to that type.
Such as all Dragons are immune to burn. All undead can’t have life drained from them.
Or home kingdom traits like Glacial Peaks immune to frozen. All Suncrest troops are Impervious to status effects (cause they are all worthless currently).

To further clarify, I’m not asking for new traits. Keep existing ones and just spread them out. One troop can be composed of 4 images when viewing them.