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Centaur of the Universe

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/centaur-of-the-universe/

New Epic Troop: Auspecia Auspecia will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. New Legendary Troop: Orrery The Orrery will be available exclusively in Event Chests this week, and will make its way…

Is there really any point in having World event battles give 2 sets of scoring rewards? So, runes and prophecies this week. Seems completely unnecessary to me.

I’m probably wasting my time asking this question now though.


Yeah, I hope they stick with a simplified scoring system when designing future campaigns. This one is probably locked in.

Auspecia is one of the most interesting troops we’ve ever seen. I’m excited to find out if it’s bad or totally broken. The traits hold it back a bit.

Hey, hey don’t be so hard on yourself.
Sometimes it’s good to talk to yourself.
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If I read correctly that the widow queen will appear alongside other battles (but only 1 of widow queen?) then I might skip it.

The wording also suggests the Weaver does not appear alone otherwise there is no choice but to take it. In which case most of the other battles will quickly out-scale so I’ll personally skip them. YMMV

Shadowblade: 8 Runes (8 points)
Tal’Rae: 12 Runes (12 points)
Malcandessa: 12 Runes (12 points)
Webspinner: 16 Runes (16 points)
Arachnaean Weaver: 20 Runes (20 points) (every 5th battle after fighting 4 of the above or below)
The Widow Queen: 4 Prophecies (40 points) (random spawn)


Blue < Purple < Mythic < Legendary ?

Is Widow queen not among the 4 leading to Weaver?

Errr… yeah, it should be, I just wanted to put it in order of most points, lol.

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Hm. Arachnaean Weaver only appears every fifth battle. It may be better to skip it in favor of a battle currently on the board, since you will be doing those more often.

I am too lazy to run the numbers right now

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My guess is the Arachnaean Weaver shows up as a “boss” battle and is the only one available to take at the time. Assuming that’s correct, is it even possible to skip it?

The same wording was used before btw:

Did the battles actually vanish? I don’t remember hearing anything about it :thinking:

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Ah. I assumed from the wording “if you don’t fight” that there was a choice in which battle to take. If AW is the only battle on the board whenever it appears, then I guess there are no better options.

Iirc, Kurandara did appear alongside other battles, and battles did refresh/vanish – although it was a little bit bugged as well, because I don’t think the dev team expected people to consistently skip Kurandara (i.e. after a time, he was the only option, but this wasn’t the norm):

In this case, though, the points from AW do scale, even though he may appear less frequently than the 1-2 battles that an efficient player will focus on, so the break point for the number of Sigils you’d expect to use before it becomes profitable to skip AW is probably a bit higher than for the Kurandara event.


Wow, I have ZERO memory of any of that. And I’m sure I paid at least some attention to it at the time. How odd :sweat_smile:

Looks like it’s similar this time:

Not sure what to do yet :thinking:

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Total points required for Stage 12 rewards = 97000
Points per player = 3234
Based on the screenshot above - no shop buy (Tier 0) is sufficient to get 60 battles and enough points.

Do use the shop if you need a Badge/Medal to get through the event though.

As for maximizing score - TBH I don’t have a clue. See Jonathan’s breakdown 2 posts below unless you are going for leaderboard (e.g. I’m going for 60 battles), just go with the highest point on offer. The breakpoint to outscale the rarely appearing battles is sufficiently high not to be worth skipping them.


Confirming @cyberkiwi’s work based on PC leaderboard

World Event Average Tier Buy In

3234 Points needed per member to close all rewards.

Initial leaderboard data places this around 50 battles depending on battles taken which is currently looking like Tier 0


Okay, so I wasn’t too sure either, and I wanted to use my brain a tiny bit so I did a few calculations.

I’ll start out by saying don’t even bother with Shadowblade.

If we consider that we start off with 4 choices, and then get to pick with replacement 3 times before AW appears, there are 7 battles divided between 4 options, not taking into account Widow Queen (no idea how rare she is).

As such, you’d expect ~1.75 Malcs per AW (best case Malc scenario, i.e. assuming that you always picked Malc over Webs., etc., which is obviously ridiculous).

Under these assumptions, it wouldn’t be worth skipping AW for Malc from the start unless you were expecting to play (again, best case Malc scenario) more than 120 battles or 24 rounds (at which point it would be, due to the greater expected number of Malc battles that should appear (subject to the RNG)).

In reality, since it’s likely you’ll pick Webs over Malc when you have the chance, and probably WQ too(?), it wouldn’t actually be worth it unless you were planning to play a lot more than 120 battles.

For WEBSPINNER, on the other hand, at an expected appearance rate of 1.75 compared to AW, the points from Webs should actually outstrip AW after only ~3 rounds or 15 battles, which is well under the number of battles most people here would expect to play.

  • I.e. after 3 rounds, AW is scoring 30 points, but you should have encountered Webs. ~5.25 times, at which point it’s scoring 32(+) points (again, not taking into account WQ :woozy_face:).

  • AW: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40…

  • Webs: 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40…

As such, and again subject to the RNG (and WQ), I’d actually recommend skipping AW in favour of Webspinner whenever you have that choice.


*Not sure about WQ, rarity uncertain (a real spanner in the works, tbh).


Thank you for not being lazy. No clue if the analysis is correct since you have no way yet to check your assumptions, but I appreciate the effort.

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Well, wasn’t quite expecting that. Didn’t do my first mythic fight because I had a bunch of legendaries. Then it reset with another bunch of legendaries. 4 battles later and I have 2 mythic battles to choose from.



(Sensitive discourse doesn’t like all caps and keeps rejecting a sentence of all caps. The more we are free…)

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