Cedrics Vault!

Whitch ones is the best team for cedrics vault you think?


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My current vault team is … let’s see:

  • Fire Ruby Staff (weapon) + Dragonguard (class)
  • Ostryx
  • Lady Divinia
  • Borealis

Ostryx is the primary healer, Divinia the mana generator (explodes red gems), Hero and Borealis are the DPS. Borealis is last because by the time he’s ready to cast Cedric will probably have shuffled the team once, moving him to lead position where he can freeze the whole team and one-shot them with Skull damage.

But as for some general Vault strategies:

  • Try to give each Troop in your team one exclusive Mana color, to ensure they can’t get Mana Locked as the team gets shuffled around.
  • Avoid Attack buffs because of Cedric’s Charm damage.
  • Try bringing troops that can shuffle the enemy team – specifically, knock a selected/first enemy to the back, so you can shuffle Cedric to lead position. (War Goat, Rift Lynx, Leviathan, etc)
  • Alternatively, pulling an enemy to the front can shuffle Cedric to last position where spells/weapons that target the last enemy will get him first.
  • If you really really want to be able to target Cedric manually, make sure to bring someone with access to Stun (e.g. Warpriest class, King Highforge) to get around Stealthy. Alternatively, weapons that can target “all” troops of a certain color (e.g. Sunspear class weapon) also work since Cedric’s team doesn’t have access to Submerge.

The classic Shield of Urskaya + Rowanne strategy (likewise, High Paladin / Gaard’s Avatar) works too, mainly because the Shield scales by enemy Attack levels.

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Thank you for this detailed explanation!

  1. Phoenicia
  2. Magma Dragon
  3. Leprechaun
  4. Maraj Queen

(3 Nysha Medals)

3 moves, done by second turn. About 7-10 seconds.

Use for pets too.


Thank you! :v:

The team below isn’t too bad. Don’t worry about getting mana, just take extra move opportunities then skull attacks.
Both characters must be fully traited, of course.
Only problem is that the opponent Treasure Gnomes will dodge more than 20% of the time. :unamused:

The Great Wyrm x3

Use 3 Medals of Seasons for the extra attack.


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Sounds good.

tina + thrall
then 2 other troops :hugs:

What for 2 troops?? :joy::sweat_smile:

Mech hero with Gobsticker or another yellow-blue weapon. Then maybe another true damage troop of some kind.

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Tide lash (frostmage check traits for maximum magic)
The scourge of honor (gold medal)
King silenus

Lep → tSoH → Tide Lash. Done

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@Pandagram I like your team so much 2 klicks and all 4 troops killed!! :+1:

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Reading between the lines, are you aware you get more rewards by cranking the difficulty up?

@Fourdottwoone you mean x4 speed?

@Fourdottwoone My difficult is lv 80 and rewards 120%. :wink:

So how you do it in 2 click? I need three (lep, tSoH, TL)

@Pandagram First cast lep. Then tideslash and scourge of honor sry 3klicks

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@Pandagram With a little bit luck from 2. trait scourge of honor’s fills their your hero and himself! I used maze banner… And that’s are my 2 clicks! :v::wink: Try it out.

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