Pvp help if you can

What is the best pvp team from what I’ve got?

What have you tried so far?

Defense or attack?

You have Skeleton key team
Cedrik, Egg Thief Key Greed. Green/Red banner for thief. Fire greed first, get egg thief rolling into key, egg thief until you can one shot top or bottom troop.

Hellcat alchemist goblin rockets works too, red brown banners


Currently using

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Preferably attack

the skeleton key team that @Xsfx suggested is arguably the best team for pvp offense (and so many other things, dungeons etc.). you should give it a try

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As the others said too, one of the best attack teams is skeleton key/egg thief.

Cedric (wih stealth and +gold traits) - egg thief (mainly the stealth trait)- skeleton key/thief (for stealth, instakill chance and 50% mana start) - greed (the empowered trait).

It hits hard, it’s one of the fastest team types out there, and gets you 2x gold from the pvp battles (thanks to cedric).
Also it is invulnerable to things like web/entangle, as SK’s damage output comes purely from the gold you have. It will still 1hit 2 enemies even if it’s webbed.

I’ll have to get it up there. I dont have key or Cedric right now.

Ooops, sorry, had wrong mode on DB, tried >0 in count, works much better. :roll_eyes:

If you aren’t on Switch, there is a gnome event Friday, pop as many of those critters as you can, they drop vault keys. You hope. Vault keys get you Cedriks. You hope. ‘N’ stuff.

The other team should work, substitute Queen Titania for last rocket, when QT gets full+13 or more red gems, use her, extra turn. If fighting a freeze team, Sister Superior ftw!

I see a mountain crusher Khorvash King Highforge Titania working, only use Khorvash when enemy is filling/full spell first/second troop, Highforge messes up last two. If it runs slow, put in Apothecary for Titania and make browns.