How to 1-Shot Gnome Vault

Step 1: Get your team together.

Turn 1:

I matched the 4-match of red, then green, then yellow, then blue, then cast Herald of Damnation…

Is it ready to cast?

No it isn’t! That’s only 142 damage. Cedric has 165 health. Time to cast Sacrifice.

Now we are ready:

196 damage!



1 shot? Is it the same as 2 casts? :thinking:


I mean… technically?

I have been doing Golden Cog, Rowanne, Lep, and Possessed King. Cast weapon twice and Rowanne once, or cast weapon once and Rowanne twice.

Will try out your team as its one less cast. Thanks!

@igniteice That’s a beautiful starting board for your team. :stuck_out_tongue: Does the team get throttled with a bad starting board? Also if a red potion is left for opponents to take, there is a chance for treasure gnomes to escape. I wouldn’t take that chance with a Red team hence.

Now I know treasure gnomes escaping does not matter in a vault battle. In other battles where treasure gnomes are present, I wouldn’t suggest taking a red team. Anyway, I like your idea of Sacrificing a troop to enhance Phoe.

@igniteice I am more amazed of the number of vault keys left…

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If you can’t get purple matches, yes it’s slower. I’ll let you in on a secret though… treasure gnomes escaping don’t do anything in Vault. You only need to win the battle. All three gnomes could escape and you still get all the rewards from them.


:grimacing: Thanks for the tip, but I had already mentioned that albeit in poorly chosen words. :laughing:

Oh sorry, yes, you did. For other gnome battles though, my teams are vastly different. I use Greed+Dust Devil+2x Ironhawk for Gnome a Palooza.

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I love Phoenicia too. I never used Sacrificed. I tried The Emperor, but I am forced to put Phoe on top. I’ll try it later.

After GAP event, you had the power to use all your keys? Me after GAP :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

I’ll get hundreds more next vault weekend. It takes longer to use the keys than to get them, and I have 30 Gnome-a-Paloozas ready.

For some reason this team doesn’t work as impressively as yours did in the example above; thanks for posting, though. Its always interesting to try other people’s teams.

I usually use Axolotl w/ Tidecaller [6888,6070,1354,6638,3039,3,2,1,1,3,3,0,14021]
Or lately Moonsinger / Beetrix [6779,6045,6863,1344,3053,3,2,1,1,3,3,0,14021] with a spicy weapon, copied from someone in pvp. Both teams are safe and reliable, if not one-shotters.

I’ve used this team for, not joking, over 300 vaults, and it works fairly quickly about 80% of the time. The other team I would use is Leprechaun+Spring Emissary. However, Leprechaun exploding green gems isn’t guaranteed to provide enough mana because explosions are 50% of the mana and it’s not guaranteed to have the surrounding gems you need. The goal being to fill Spring Emissary so you can cast it on Phoenicia to give her half her mana + 4 magic.

I like my team better – more consistent I feel. Because without my Sacrifice, you’ll always need to cast Phoenicia twice to kill everything. I am experimenting with using Sheggra’s Heart weapon though, because it’s blue/black so it doesn’t color block any of the colors for Phoenicia, and it can create red gems if needed.

If it helps, I use the regular PvP offense team

Rope Dart (Barbarian or FM)

Stun, pull Cedric up. Win.