Casual friendly guild looking for multiple players


Invite sent. :slight_smile:

Sorry, no openings at this moment.


Hello, i am new in mobile and Level 58 and i am active…on PS4 my Level is 1220…can i go in your Guild? My invite code is ELEMAUGRIM_BSUZ


We don’t have any restriction on the level of players. It will be good to have you in the guild but unfortunately, we are full at this moment.


One spot open!


If a spot is open, please consider me, VISSET_VYH8 on PC/Mobile.


You have to leave your current guild. :slight_smile:


Okay, left my current guild.


We have one open slot. Please come and join us. :slight_smile:

Well, that one filled fast. :slight_smile:


We have one opening at this moment. There is no level limits,beginners and advanced or veteran players are welcome to join.


Shameless bump. If you join before the weekly reset, you get all the goodies from early guild tasks. :wink:


At this moment, we have an open spot. :slight_smile:

Please either post or pm me, @Rozik, or @Hampants your invite code. Please note that the code works only when you have left your current guild.


Bump just in case nobody noticed. :slight_smile:


Good morning!

Do you perhaps have a spot open for yours truly?
I am active a lot :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Sorry, already full. :slight_smile:


Currently, we have an open slot. Come and join us! :slight_smile:


Hello I would like to join my invite code is Sarevok Anchev_DNY5


Invite sent!


Wow, that was fast. Welcome, Excalibran. :slight_smile:


I Would like to join is that ok?



At the moment, we are full. We will post here if there is a vacancy.