Casual friendly guild looking for multiple players


AVARITIA is an old guild, I have been guild master for quite some time. We have very casual and relaxed attitude.

Our rankings in the League Roster currently are around 150 and we are in 110-130 Guild War range (brackets 12-14). All statues maxed, guild level around 975+.

Key features:

  1. Requirements are very low: 40 trophies OR 700 guild seals OR 2000 Raid boss points (on Raid weeks) OR 50 Towers (on Invasion weeks). No Guild War or other events required. No gold required either, just donate as much as you can spare.
  2. You don’t have to be active daily as long as you do the chores for the week.
  3. Very casual and friendly guild chat, quite active at times.
  4. Low level players, up to level 300 should not contribute gold to guild tasks. I think that new players should not be gimped and should instead invest gold in unlocking and upgrading their kingdoms.
  5. We routinely can hit 20K seals and can usually complete 4 basic tasks. We can hit 40K seals on the mythic weeks.
  6. You can take up to 2 week vacation, just post a warning in the guild chat.
  7. Any questions? Me or other senior guild members are always happy to answer.
  8. Due to recent guild chat glitches, most of discussion is done on Discord but guild chat is still occasionally active.

To join, send me your invite code either by PM or on Steam through my friend’s list, nick same as here. Keep in mind, you have to quit your current guild.

We currently have 1 open slot.

Come and join us!



Bump, still quite a few vacancies, please join for some casual fun.



Do you have room in your guild?
I am looking guild for three persons. We are looking a guild that can make 20k seals /week

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Yes, there is room for 3. We should be able to get to 20K with some help. The core of the guild is active but we have a lot of lower level players MIA after unity update. Last week we got 16K and week before that 18K.

Please pm me you invite codes or send FR on Steam.



Another bump, we still have 4 places left.



Shameless bump, looking for more players, 3 vacancies at the moment.



I would like to join. I used to be a very active player, but I don’t have the time now. CINDY_56

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Cindy, seems like Avaritia is exactly what you need. :slight_smile: Less active without actually quitting, very casual and relaxed.

For invite to work, you have to leave your current guild though. Please let me know when I can re-invite.

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Hi there,

Would you have 2 spots available for newish players just learning the game?

We did join a guild but most members including the GM have not been active for 25 days or more :frowning:

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Chey, please join, you can post your invite codes, pm the codes to me, or send me friend request on Steam and we can talk it out. We don’t have any level requirements, low level players are always welcome. We will try to help you smooth that learning curve as much as we can. And yes, we have 3 spots now and two more players are dormant. So, basically, there is room for 5. :slight_smile:

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have PM’d you :smiley:

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Invite code BALDRED. All kingdoms levelled. I’m a long time player (18 months) looking for a relaxed home.

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We still have two spots.



Hit me up. Invite Code: CREVOLUTION

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Crevolution, too bad you could not join. Still recruiting. The unity upgrade put a real dent in the player base.



Another shameless bump, still looking for more players. :slight_smile:



I have not been playing that long but like be the game and guild wars. The guild I am currently in apparently no one plays but me and my bf. I am looking for an active guild that does guild wars weekly. Want to conitunue to level and I am getting to the point it’s hard by myself. Would your guild provide this and have 2 open slots? I play daily. He plays randomly.

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My invite code is KENTUCKYRAIN70_OXER . Thank you

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I’m looking for a guild. Newer player but loving the game and growing fast. Wanna help an order build and have fun. My invite code is SILDOOR27 if there is still room.

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