Casual friendly guild looking for multiple players



Invite sent.

And we finally hit 20K seals for the first time in past 5 weeks. It surely feels good. :slight_smile:


Thank you for acceoting


My daughter would like to join you.
Invite Code: LISA_Q3FB


We have two more spots. Easily hitting 20K seals now and our blue statue finally hit level 100.


Bump, we need two more players.


Since it’s been a day since your last post and a lot can change in that time, I wanted to touch base before quitting my current guild and requesting to join this one. I like the description of your guild’s aims and I think I can be a decent but casual (and friendly) addition! I’m a level 369, daily player but I am not looking for a super high stress, competitive environment. My current guild is just a bit too inactive to really get the bonuses! Please let me know if a slot is still available, or if one becomes available! My invite code, once an opening is confirmed, is Aramina_2



People drop like flies from this game. It seems that quite a lot cannot stomach recent updates. Anyhow, we have 2 spots right now and there is a possibility for another spot. So, come and join us!


Bump, two spots here, come and join us!


Hey guys! I’d love to join you if you have any spots left? ^^

Level 98, love to play, I don’t make a lot of gold, but I work hard to gain seals :slight_smile:
No real idea what I’m doing in the game other than that, but I’m mainly looking for a guild that actually speaks…

My invite code is BANJO KORDE_MQ8U (If that’s what you’re asking for?)

Thanks guys, Banjo


Invite sent, please accept.


Thank you! Invite accepted :slight_smile:


We have 4 vacancies. Please come and join us, we are doing quite well while still maintaining very casual attitude. :slight_smile:


Hello. Sounds like the sort of thing I’m looking for. Still got a place?



Invite sent, 3 more vacancies. :slight_smile:


I think I was in your guild before I took a lengthy break from the game.

If you don’t mind having me back, my invite code is RAINYNIGHT65_1.


Sure, we’ll be happy to have you back. Just keep in mind that you have to leave your current guild for the invite to work.


Bump, we still have two vacancies in the guild.


Invite code: ELINHIME


We have 4 vacancies at the moment. Please post or pm me your invite code. :slight_smile:


where would I find an invite code?