Casual friendly guild looking for multiple players


Two spaces are available and probably some more in a short time. Please come and join us. We moved up a bit in the League roster and are currently number 169 and we are doing quite well in 200-210 Guild war brackets. GW is still optional.


How many guild tasks are you able to complete weekly?


Strange question. As many as 8 million cover. :slight_smile:

We have maxed blue and brown bonus and all others are in their mid-late 90s. We should soon max the purple statue as well. And yes, we have quite a few 1000+ level players. :wink:

But we don’t have any level limit, you can join at level 1, it does not matter. It is a very casual and nice place.


Sounds good to me - I’m looking for friendly and not stressful guild :wink:
8 million is not bad - my current guild has problem with 4 million…that’s why I’m looking for another one.
I’m not a fan of GW, but instead I enjoy contributing in guild tasks - I can guarantee 300-500k gold per week.
If You don’t have high requirements with seals and trophies - I’d gladly join :slight_smile:


Need your code to invite.


inv code: ROZIK


Do you currently have any openings? I’m a low level (70) new player but am active and my current clan is not very active. I’m worked my on my kingdoms but am hitting the seal cap weekly as well as 100 or so trophies from pvp.


We might have one spot open at the moment. Please pm me your invite code and leave your current guild.


Message sent


If you have a spot available (or have one open up) I’m looking for a casual guild to join. I’m level 190 but I’m still working on upgrading my kingdoms. I can routinely hit 1500 seals just grinding for gold and traitstones so the 500 seals requirement shouldn’t be an issue for me. My invite code is RAZORSOUP.


We have 2 opening at this exact moment. This is a good time to join without missing on early Monday guild goodies after the weekly reset. :slight_smile:


I am level 667 and give 250K, 1500S and 100T a week. Invite me If interested.



Level 399, will give 125k+ gold, 1000+ seals, and 100+ trophies per week.

Do I have to leave my current guild first? Never changed guilds before…



One spot currently open - active players will be warmly welcome in our ranks :wink:
No special requirements - everyone contribute as much as she/he can afford.

Level 366, 16 bracket in GW, 3 tasks maxed per week, 20k seals collected easily…


Shameless bump, we need two players to fill the roster before weekly reset.


Hello there! Still looking for active players? I’m just level 68 but I play every day (not a hardcore tho). I can pump some trophies and seals. Most people from my previous guild are not active at all. I think that would be fun to play together. Cheers. :slight_smile:

My invite code is LIOXXO_JJQS


We have one and possibly two openings. Come and join us. We are making good progress this week, completed all the basic tasks and even did one legendary! And we are moving up the ladder and advanced through 2 Guild war brackets. All of this was accomplished while staying completely casual and relaxed and adopting new beginner players as well.


Shameless bump, sorry. There are still a few hours remaining before the weekly reset. Don’t miss all the goody goodies. :slight_smile:


Still searching for an active players - anyone interested? :wink:


Currently we have one opening. Any level welcome that is able to meet our low requirement of 500 seals or 30 trophies but will ideally exceed it (at least sometimes). No gold donations need if leveling kingdoms.

Were rank 155, GW bracket 12, sentinels 100+ (except yellow is at 99), an active guild chat, and get 3+ task completed a week. Avaritia is a very friendly, laid back guild with active, causal, veteran and newer players.