Casual friendly guild looking for multiple players


Id love to join, Lvl 76 and DK armor i can get 1,500 seals and 50+ trophies GRIMJAWX_FGRQ
still leveling kingdoms but i can donate a bit.


Thanks i got it


One spot open!
Are You an active player who want to play in friendly, relaxed guild?

Now requirements are only 700 seals OR 40 trophies - no gold contribution if You’re leveling kingdoms.

Come and join us!


Bump, we still have that spot. There is no level requirement or anything else. We welcome newer players and will try to help out as best as we can. Veterans who would like to stick to casual style are equally welcome. :slight_smile:


Bump, we have one open spot.


And all guild statue are finally maxed out. This is a great start for a new active player. Or great opportunity for a seasoned veteran with casual attitude.


Hi, I recently returned to the game and am looking for a guild… this sounds ideal if you still have an opening. Currently L51 with dragon armour. Code is TOASTKID


Invitation sent, hope that you’ll be an active player :wink:


Many thanks!


still have a spot open, maybe i have a new player for you, but only level 20, just started this week.


We don’t have any openings right now unfortunately. However, the situation might change at any time. :smile:


We have some opening at the moment, two as of today. Come and join us in our fight for liberation of Krystaria!


146 guild rank, 408 guild level, all statues at 100, 4 tasks completed and ~36-38k seals each week, 12 GW bracket.

We need an active player - come and join our stress-free guild! :slight_smile:


We currently have one spot. Come and join us!


Bump! One spot still open!


I’m interested, if you are still recruiting! I’m currently level 429 with ~2/3 of the kingdoms at level 10 (the rest at level 8). My current guild seems to have changed and isn’t as active/friendly as I was hoping. My invite code is HAMPANTS_1EDZ. Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you!


Invitation sent - welcome aboard! :wink:


We currently have one open space. Please pm your invite code.


Bump! One spot still available :slight_smile:


Shameless bump, the slot is still open.