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Active, friendly guild looking for a few players (PC/Mobile)

The Elders are looking for a few new team members. We are an active guild (not hardcore though), and we are often in the in game chat with discussion of strategies for weekly events. We get 40k seals on mythic weeks, and usually complete weekly tasks. If you’re a newer player, you don’t need to worry about gold contributions. You can focus on leveling up your kingdoms first.

Even if you don’t join us, I’d like to point out to anyone not in a guild that it makes a huge difference to be in a good guild. When I started the game, I took a long time to join a good guild, and I was missing out on a ton of rewards for all of that time.


Our requirements aren’t tough: 60k gold, 600 seals. Like I said, if your kingdoms aren’t level 10, then don’t worry about the gold. If you play regularly (not a crazy amount), try the guild weekly events (even if you don’t do well), and collect your seals; you’ll be a helpful team member.

Hey, relatively new but interested to join!

Great, we’d be glad to have you. If you play somewhat regularly, remember to collect your seals, and try to participate in the weekly events when you can, you’ll be helping the whole guild out.

In the game, click the gear on the right, and you’ll see your invite code at the bottom. Send me that and I’ll invite you.

I would love to join your guild there is literally NO ONE in my guild besides myself even playing.

I play every day, except when on vacation. And even then sometimes

Sounds good, we’d be happy to have you. If you send me your invite code, I’ll get an invitation out to you.

Thanks. That would be awesome. I am the only one who has fought in this current guild wars

I tried to invite you, but you’ll need to leave your current guild first.

Oh man, fighting the war on your own doesn’t sound promising. You’ll definitely get a lot more rewards each week in our guild. And, it’s nice having the the activity in the chat (things like team suggestions for the war).

Ah. Ok sorry leaving it now

Not sure where I will see the invite code.

I think it will be in your mail in the game. I’ll do that now.

Got it sent. Let me know if there are any problems getting in.
Welcome to the guild!

Got it. Thanks. Yes. In mail.

It won’t let me do guild wars. So what can I do to help guild? What are contributions? how do we communicate etc

Oh, I guess you had to be registered for the war from the start. That’s OK. I guess the main thing is to remember to collect seals regularly (in the guild area). The gold contribution is 60k, but if your kingdoms aren’t all leveled up to 10, then you can just focus your gold on doing that.

We’re fairly active in the guild chat in the game. We do have a discord channel too, and I can get you a link to that if you’d like. Personally, I just use the in game chat.

Did I get kicked from guild\alliance? Why?

I don’t know. I can see if I can find out.

I didn’t see any mention of you in the chat, but SoG did give a warning a few days ago about kicking someone for inactivity, and demoting a couple of other people.

I was not in active AT ALL! I did in the top 25% in my grouping in guild war, and I had a ton of boons, although still in the bottom half of dooms. But I was very active! And I got no warning