Casual friendly guild looking for multiple players


I’ve sent an invitation - welcome aboard! :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Bump - one spot still open!


Still open?



Invitation has been sent - welcome!


Any chance you have any openings? If so I’d like to join! FANCYKNICKERS_GCXM


No openings as of this moment, sorry, we are back to full 30. :slight_smile:


One spot open!


plz invite me @ZAINTARIQ89


You are in a guild, JoshV, invite does not work.


You invite code is not recognized. You sure you are on PC/mobile? Please double check your code.


Sorry Akots, found a guild yesterday morning. Appreciate the invite though!


Do you still have open spots? I am quite new (close to level 70) but got the hang of the game and can easily get 1500 seals in a week. As of now I am upgrading my kingdoms (3 are level 10 and all the rest are level 3 and growing) however I can contribute with gold if needed, I wouldn’t mind.

My id is MEMLEAKSS_XM91.


Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the invite!


Hey i tried to post but it said the thread is locked so i thought ur guild is full. I joined another guild. Thx for the invite though.


Hello! I’m still new (lvl 21 only), but I’m planning to focus on this game. Is it alright if I join?



Sorry, we are full at the moment. :slight_smile:


We have two open spots at the moment. Come and join us. :slight_smile:


I’m interested in joining! L251, I usually get 2k seals a week, 1.5k minimum. Your guild looks like a great place to play and I’m sure I’ll be able to to contribute.

Invite code is FORTUITOUS_ZFEZ